Community Council

Kirkcowan Community Council meets on the 3rd Monday of the month (except in January, July & August)  at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.
Members of the public, local residents in particular, are welcome to attend.

Minutes of Previous Meetings (PDF files):
minutes-20-02-2012 |  minutes-19-03-2012  |  minutes-16-04-2012  |
minutes-agm-21-05-2012  |  minutes-18-06-2012  |  minutes-17-09-2012  |
minutes-15-10-2012  |  minutes-19-11-2012 minutes-17-12-2012 |
minutes-18-02-2013 | minutes-18-03-13 | minutes-15-04-13 |
minutes-agm-05-2013 | minutes-17-06-2013 | minutes-16-09-2013 |
minutes-21-10-2013 | minutes-18-11-2013 | minutes-16-12-2013 |
minutes-17-02-2014 | minutes-17-03-2014 | minutes-21-04-2014 |
minutes-agm-19-05-2014 | minutes-23-06-2014 | minutes-04-09-2014 |
minutes-20-10-2014 | minutes-17-11-2014 | minutes-15-12-2014 |
minutes-16-02-2015 | minutes-16-03-2015 | minutes-20-04-2015 |

If you want information, or have any concerns to raise, about the community, contact any of your representatives below.

John Paterson
830 456
Vice Chairman
Jim Adair
830 465
Wendy Baird
Janice Sommerville
830 452
Kirsty McKie 830 269
Robert Drysdale 830 477
Andrea Longos
Dave Harper
Charlie Marshall
Christine McAllister 830 503
Peter McAllister
Keith Tinker 830 801
Derek McKenzie 830 828
Wendy Wood n/a
 Gordon McKie

Elections for Community Council Office Bearers will be held on 22nd October 2015.

National Community Council Website:
There is now a national website which has been developed in Scotland with a focus on
Community Councils.  The link is:
The purpose of the website is to:
* Raise awareness of Community Councils amongst the general public.
* Provide information on the role of a Community Councillor to potential candidates.
* Support new Community Councils/Councillors to access information to help in their work.
* Support Community Councils with good practice case studies.