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Starting originally as a printed newsletter, this website is being developed to provide up to date information & news about present-day Kirkcowan, a rural village in Dumfries & Galloway, southwest Scotland.
We aim to cover news, events & activities, clubs & groups, organisations & businesses, and anything else that might be useful or interesting to residents and visitors alike.

Run on a voluntary basis, we hope that this website will help people find & share current information quickly and easily, but please bear with us as we iron out any glitches.
The accuracy, quantity and relevance of information will depend on input from group organisers and the wider community.

Village Hall

We’ve started a new Category of information for the Village Hall & Local  Events – We’ve also started a mailing list which you can join and we’ll be mailing out updated information as it comes in (possibly) …
Timetable & Availability

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If you don’t have email access, phone Camy at 830 231

Kirkcowan History:
If you are interested in photographs and memories of Kirkcowan in days gone by, visit Kie Stewart’s fascinating website