Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Community Council – Monday 21st March 2016


Minutes of meeting Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 21st March 2016 at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan‘s Hall.


Present: Mr J Paterson, Mr J Adair, Mrs W Baird, Cllr A Geddes, Mrs J Mortiboy, Miss C Wilson, Mrs R Rudd, Mrs M Cripps, Mr P McAllister, Mr K Service, Mr D Conduit, Mr M Gumersell, Mr M Godfrey, Mr G Mortiboy, Mr R Drysdale, Mr J Thomson, Mrs S Gray, Mrs W Wood, Mr K Tinker, PC D Mathieson, PC D McDowall.


  1. Mr Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. APOLOGIES: Mr D McKenzie, Cllr G Nicol, Cllr J McColm, Mr G McKie, Mrs J Sommerville, Mr D Harper

Amendment – item 6 – Mr Jeff Ace.

Accepted as a true and correct record.  Proposed – Mr M Gumersell. Seconded – Mrs W Baird.


No incidents reported in the past months for Kirkcowan.   Still threat of ongoing rural crime in the area.  Anti Social Behaviour Campaign being concentrated on – Cars racing around villages. Mr M Gummersell informed the officers of vehicles speeding in and out of village on B733 and also on Newton Stewart Road (B735). Traffic police will be asked to visit village one morning.


Mr J Thomson secretary of the Scottish Campaign for National Parks gave a talk about a possible Galloway National Park.  Boundaries need defining.  Query over windmills in a National Park.

Mrs W Baird has Mr J Thomson email details.  Mr J Paterson thanked Mr J Thomson for his time.


  1. TREASURERS REPORT: Balance £ 809.50.
  1. CORRESPONDANCE Mrs W Baird received the following:-
    1. Wigtown Area Committee meetings – Zero Waste/Recycling 23rd March Douglas Ewart 15pm – Kirkcowan are part of this trial, Cllr Geddis requested as many people as possible            attend the meeting.
    2. Stranraer Marina & Waterfront Regeneration – Full Business case 22nd March at Harbour Masters office  5 – 7pm.
    3. Letter received from Rotary Club requesting a donation towards Type 1 Diabetes. Mr R Drysdale proposed donation £50, Mr M Gummersell seconded – no objections – carried.



Phone Box Dirnow – Removed

Fishing Club – Mr M Godfrey has 20 people interested. Meeting organised for 23rd March. Postphone meeting as it is same night as Wigtown Area Committee Meeting Zero Waste/Recycling.

Access to School for Generator – A key have been given to Mr J Paterson who will get 2 more cut and give them to Mr J Adair and Mrs W Baird.

Buses – There are to be more cut backs on various rural bus services, but no idea as to where.

Park – The new seesaw does not work.  Mrs W Baird to email John Brodie.

Drains – Whole of village has had the road drains cleared.  If there are any further problems then it will be a blockage.

Litter Pick – Saturday 16th April 2016 meet at school at 1.30pm.

Turbine Trophy – 14th August 2016 at New Luce.


Mr Paterson thanked everyone for coming – The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council will be held on Monday 18th April 2016 at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.


 Jackie Mortiboy (Minutes secretary)


Completed Application Forms for Funding from 

Kirkcowan Community Development Trust


  1. P A System – £1451 if speakers required for outside its an additional £90 per speaker.    Requires two people to be trained in set up of system – APPROVED
  1. Planter and Plants – 3ft x 3ft x 3ft high hardwood planters (£210 each) plus planting and labour for 1 year £6300 – APPROVED
  1. New lawnmower for Bowling Club – £5388 – APPROVED

Once approved by Kirkcowan Community Council the application then goes to the Directors of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust for approval.



Jackie Mortiboy (Minutes secretary)