Kirkcowan – What's Going On?


We wish to thank the following people for their help, advice, and encouragement, as well as for sharing with us their valued information about the village and parish of Kirkcowan:

Mr. P. Adams, Clugstone

Miss Bryden, Wigtown

Miss M. Crozier, Kirkcowan

Mr. C. Drysdale, Wigtown

Mr. Ferries, Wigtown

Mr. A. Gladstone, Craichlaw

Mrs. D. Gladstone, Craichlaw

Mrs. Griffin, Kirkcowan

Miss H. James, Kirkhaugh, Kirkcowan

Mr. David Leathes, Carsebuie, Kirkcowan

Miss L. McKie, Kirkcowan

Mrs. Marshall, Corriebracken, Kirkcowan

Mrs. L. McNeill, Shennanton

Mrs. M. Parker, Waulkmill

Mr. W. Paterson, Kirkcowan