Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Community Council – 15th October 2018

DRAFT MINUTES of meeting Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 15th October 2018
at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan‘s Hall

Minutes October 15th 2018

Present: Mr J Paterson, Mr J Adair, Mrs W Baird, , Mrs J Mortiboy, Cllr Hagmann, Cllr Inglis, Cllr J McColm, Sergeant C Scott Police Scotland, Mr D McKenzie, Mr D Conduit, Ms S Gray, Mrs W Wood, Mr K Tinker, Mr M Gumersell, Miss C Wilson, Mr C McEwan, Mrs J Sommerville.

1. Mr Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting. JP welcomed Mr C McEwan, proposed and seconded at last meeting.

2. APOLOGIES: Mrs A Dabner, Mr R Drysdale, Mr D Harper, Mr A Gladstone, Cllr Nichol.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Accepted as a true and correct record ‐ Proposed ‐ Mr M Gumersell Seconded – Ms S Gray.

4. POLICE MATTERS: CS reiterated Microsoft scam regarding a problem with your computer, do not give any personal or bank details over the phone –

Drop in session in Kirkcowan 30/10/18 ‐ 14.15 till 15.00 all welcome. Poster in PO, need to tell people to attend.

JP stated cars still speed out of village. DMcK suggested speed humps that go right across road ‐ ramp up – level platform – then ramp down, plus reduced speed limit to 20mph. CS to inform traffic cops. ACTION SERGEANT C SCOTT.

5. TREASURERS REPORT: Account No 1 ‐ £ 107.28 Account No 2 ‐ £ 13,810.60

• Scottish Rural Parliament – 14th to 16th Nov, Ryan Centre Stranraer – Scottish Parliament with a programme of events – Cllr McC to forward programme to WB. ACTION CLLR McC.
• Home Energy Assistance Scheme.
• Transforming Wigtownshire 17/10/18 – Wigtown Town Hall. (NHS)
• Council Transformation Programme for the Council Budget – go online to complete budget
survey – need to balance budget to pass –
• SW Scotland Transport Study –‐West‐Scotland‐Trasport‐Study

Derelict Buildings – Discussed at Federation Meeting, which SG attended. DGC have contacted all owners of building identified and heard from all of them apart from owners of 36 Main Street,
Kirkcowan. 37,000 empty homes in Scotland. Cllr Hagmann informed the meeting that at the end of this parliament sitting (2022) there should be compulsory sale orders, to force a sale, in place.

Village Hall Report – First AGM on 4/10/18 officers remained the same. Survey of building sent to Jak Kane 2 weeks ago. Couple for things to fix prior to buying building. DGC to fix main door. Architects identified to do feasibility study. Preparing application to tender for appointment of Architects.

Machars Action – MG mentioned Spittal bridge, safety issues in relation to sight lines and visibility. Supported by other directors and but feels no support from DGC or Councillors.
Community Benefit Fund – JP and JM meeting James Parker on 23/10/18. James P took over from Wendy Jesson. Have money for Aries Windfarm now – in the region of £29,000. Require details of all windfarm incomes and dates of when money needs to be spent by or at least allocated to a project.
Halloween Party – 31/10/18 6.15pm in village hall – judges arranged.

Winter Fuel Allowance – JP suggested an amount of money given to every household (excluding holiday and empty homes). SG stated this seems just a quick way of getting rid of a large amount of money.
Sub Committee – Proposed a sub committee of Community Councillors is formed to discuss 4 proposals for the village, preparing draft proposals to report back to KCC meeting.
Proposed Sub Committee Members ‐ Andrew Gladstone, Shalla Gray, Jackie Mortiboy, Wendy Baird, Charlie McEwan, Janice Summerville.
Proposed 4 Village Projects:‐
1) 36 Main Street Kirkcowan ‐ development potential.
2) Proposed new walkways/cycle tracks, existing footpaths and park upgraded.
3) Village Hall – refurbishment or rebuild.
4) Speed reduction measures.

Mr Paterson thanked everyone for coming ‐ The meeting closed at 8.45pm.
The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council will be held on Monday 19th November 2018 at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.

Jackie Mortiboy (Minutes Secretary)

Completed Application Forms for Funding from
Kirkcowan Community Development Trust

The following applications were submitted to Kirkcowan Community Council for approval at their
meeting on 15th October 2018
1. Kirkcowan Hall Committee – Christmas Extravaganza – Application for raffle, lights and timer, hamper basket kits. Application request £166.58 ‐ Approved by Kirkcowan Community Council
2. Kirkcowan Curling Club – Application for cost of ice fees, gripper soles, curling gold bundle, hall fees. Application request of £1,614.99 Approved by Kirkcowan Community Council.
3. Kirkcowan School – Application for 2 trips, coach hire and hall fees. Application request
£1,584.00 ‐ Queried if windfarm money can be spent on schools? – DGC has no budget for
extra school trips. JK has queries with application awaiting response from Head Teacher
Kirsty Andrews. Approved in first instance by Kirkcowan Community Council.

Once approved by Kirkcowan Community Council the applications then go to the Directors of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust for approval.

Next Directors meeting 16th September 2018.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.
Jackie Mortiboy (Minutes Secretary