Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Community Council – 17th February 2020

Draft Minutes – Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 17th February 2020 – At 19:00 hrs in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.

Present: Mr A Gladstone (Chair), Mrs H McWhirter (Treasurer), Mrs D McBain (Secretary), Mr D McBain, Mrs J Mortiboy, Mrs L Parker, Mr C McEwan, Mr D Baillie, Mrs M Harkness, Mrs M Murdoch, Mrs J Markwell (Minutes), Members of the public: C Coggan, D Coggan, R Rudd, G Mortiboy, N Bodle, A Parker, J Johnstone, D McBain, K Tinker, R Drysdale, Cllr K Hagmann, K Dean, D Carruthers, N Adair, D Kiltie, T McGaw, N Steele, H Johnston, J Hall, O Hall, M MacKenzie, J Kane (Machars Action), J McColm and 5 other members of the public.

  1. Mr Gladstone welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. Apologies: Mr. J Wright Jnr.
  3. Minutes of the last meeting: Proposed as accepted by AG and seconded by Mrs D McB.
    AG update to point ii. Nomination of 5 members of the Kilgallioch Community Benefit Company from the meeting 16th December 2019. Nomination should have been for 3 members and not 5. The chair contacted M Harkness and H McWhirter who have agreed to stand down, Apologies from the chair.
    AG read through main points from the last meeting: Hopeful that fears regarding Jenna Mora Wood will be unfounded. Welcome given to Jak Kane from Machars Action who will brief on relationship between Kirkcowan Community Trust Development (KCDT) and the Community Council (CC) later in the meeting. Thanks, given to all involved in the Christmas Eve service at the church which went very well.
  4. Police Matters: No representative from Dumfries and Galloway Police.
  5. Treasurers Report: Account no 1 £655.80 Account no 2 £13,99.02 Sporting Fund £1,322.71. Request from Mr D McB on a breakdown on the sporting fund for the next meeting.
  6. Correspondence: Mrs D McB presented correspondence:
    i. Kilgallioch wind farm extension. Catherine Walker had emailed asking the community if they would like a talk at a future meeting. AG replied that not necessary, but if CC agreed or would like then she could be invited. Reply appreciate.
    ii. A member of the public had contacted re speeding in the village when collecting children from the school. Vehicles mentioned were a blue Volvo and White BMW. Action suggested to make a note of the offending vehicles number plate.
    iii. 2 bags of foodbank goods were reported to be stolen from a property in Wellhouse Road.
    iv. Report of Hall floor being filthy and requires sweeping before carpet bowling sessions. Action to contact Village Hall Committee.
    v. 80th year celebrations for the Battle of Britain RAF. Reports that we do have a wing commander living within the parish. Suggestion that it would be good to do something to celebrate the event. Date to be confirmed Mrs D. McB to investigate ideas and interest.
    vi. Reports of a Beech hedge overhanging pathway within the village. Suggestion of need to cut back given to resident concerned.
    vii. Correspondence received regarding request for a Multi Use Game Area (MUGA) for the village – to be covered later in the meeting.
  7. Planning:
    i. Retrospective application, formation of access for the former railway line onto Newton Stewart Road B735, returned as grant conditionally. Application for use is currently sheep grazing. Road safety returned as no issue. Change of use would require further planning application.
    ii. Further planning application for Barn Harrow – Accepted.

    Before moving on to the next agenda point a member of the public (Nichola Steele) raised a point regarding the Kirkcowan CC Face Book page and comments posted. Discussion around comments on the Kirkcowan What’s Going On followed. Conclusion that clarification
    re KCDT and CC position re wind turbine monies was needed with social media not necessarily the best media for this to happen.
  8. KCDT – KCC Report:
    Report originally to be provided by J W Jnr and Mr. D McB, in the absence of J W Jnr and with the presence of Mr Jak Kane of the Machars Action, JK would be invited to report.
    JK explained position within Machars Action KCDT and other groups.
    Winter Fuel Payment – complicated by the number of companies involved in the supply and distribution of monies. Process is nearing an end and wold hopefully be out by the end of the month. Apologies on behalf of trust from JK.
    Compensation – This is not available for residents living near to the wind turbines as it could be seen to add value to property.
    Arrival of Police Representative – 19:30hrs
    Apologies from representative of the police for late arrival was not aware of time change.
    PC Blakelock nothing to report other than ongoing issues of counterfeit notes still in circulation, in particular £20 and £50 notes with Irish notes also being used, advice to check Bank of Ireland website for clarification of colours of notes.
    Issue around earlier mentioned speeding within village and stolen shopping bags reported to police representative – advice to report to police further detail can be supplied via email for police to investigate.
    Issue of nuisance calls discussed – police advise not to press numbers on phone when such calls ask or avoid engagement with these types of calls. Trading standards have lots of good advice re handling such calls. Caller id also a good way to manage and monitor calls.
    Thanks to police for attendance AG.

    KCDT report continues 19:36hrs
    Development Officer – Katrina Dick will be circulating survey to every household within parish in attempt to identify areas where money can be spent. Looking for projects large or small – what the village would like or benefit from.
    Questions raised – around winter fuel payment being included in the survey.
    When is the action plan likely to be available as not much progress has been seen at present?
    JK – Katrina is now devoted fully to working on action plan, hopeful questionnaire will be out at end of February with action plan April to May time. To be addressed to homeowner and marked Community Action Plan survey stamped by the trust to enable distinction from junk mail.
    AG – encouraged all to respond to survey.
    JK – Monies from Airees lies with the council until a project has been identified. 40% of the funding from Kilgallioch is the amount allowed to be carried over to each year, funding needs to be allocated in each year not necessarily spent.
    Winter Fuel Payment – No knowledge as to how other areas manage payments.
    Applications need to be submitted yearly.
    Councillor Hagmann reported that action plans for other areas are available online for those wishing to view them. Good to look at for ideas of where money can be spent. (Barrhill 2017 – New Luce 2017 – Old Luce 2015)
    Application Process – AG explained process KCDT invites groups to apply for funding. CC can approve funding from KCDT. All requests need to follow a set process. KCDT have final say on funding for projects.

    It is important to note that KCDT and CC are two separate entities. KCDT consult with CC for applications submitted through CC. The trust hold the contract for distribution of funds.
    Trust Membership – Originally the trust comprised of 3 directors now expanded to 6 with 2 representatives from the CC.
    Andrew Gladstone
    Shalla Gray
    Martin Marsh
    Charlie McNeill
    John Patterson
    Nick Ward
    CC representatives: David McBain
    Joe Wright Jnr.
    JK – KCDT working to rectify the secret club perception, sensitive information needs to be kept in house. Majority vote on all proposals ensuring a democratic vote.
    In agreement with the articles of association a co-opted youth representative will go ahead this year.
  9. MUGA
    Proposal received by the CC for a MUGA to be erected within the village.
    AG stated that his feelings were that MUGA’s were not visually appealing and suggested that the location for any proposed site should be considered with great thought.
    AG offered an alternative site to the park; this would be a piece of land currently owned by AG adjoining the school this could be gifted to the community and still be easily accessible by all users.
    Discussions followed around issues such as parking, public access, school use and location, care and management, importance of clubs in place for use and sustainability.
    Suggestion that a committee should be formed to work on a plan for the MUGA with a proposal to then be put forward to KCDT, with a request that the MUGA is added to the KCDT survey/questionnaire.

    It should also be noted that sight should not be lost to the fact that the Village Hall needs funds.
  10. Village Hall
    MH provided an update from the Village Hall board meeting:
    Decision to proceed with the option which retains the main hall and stage and rebuilds the area of the supper room, kitchen and toilets into a space more appropriate to the needs and standards acceptable to the modern age in line with preferences stated by those attending the public meeting and in the following 2 weeks.
    Questions raised re the sustainability of the Village hall, where income is generated from and will the wind farm money be used going forward to keep it viable.

    Meeting interrupted by fire alarm – 20:18hrs
    Meeting resumed 20:28hrs

    Concerns raised re fear from public for the amount spent and future of the Village Hall.
    Councillor Hagmann – Community has to have a sound business plan for funds to be released and pointed out that funding was available from other sources and not just KCDT for projects such as the Village Hall.
  11. AOCB
    Plant boxes are in a bad state, boxes themselves and plants within.
    Thanks, passed on to MM and son Mark for the tidying up of vegetation in areas of the village.

    Litter pick suggest a date and volunteers asked to participate. Proposed date Sunday 29th March 2020 14:00 hrs meet at the school. Volunteers: Lesley Parker, David McBain, Devone McBain, C McEwan, R Marsh, Alix Parker, Charley Service, Keith Service, D Carruthers, Wendy Wood, J Summerville, Donna Kiltie, Neil Adair (will
    collect the bags), John Hall, Olive Hall and Mary MacKenzie.
    Route to be organised.

    Suggestion of a community gathering one to involve the whole community.
    MH reported the Village Hall committee have plans for a Ceilidh to be held on 24th April 2020 and this could stand on their toes.

    Power cuts on outskirts of village during storms – proposal that a generator is purchased to assist the vulnerable during this time. Scottish power provided for one vulnerable resident within the village.
    Action – CC to approach vulnerable residents and Scottish power and assist with implementation of scheme if available.

    Proposal for a CC meeting committee only to hold a meeting to suggest applications to be presented to KCDT – Meeting 19:00hrs 24th February 2020 in the Village Hall.

    Suggest invitation to attend sent to Katrina Dick – could be seen as difficult.
    JM asked why this was, should be told as now working with no secrets. Mrs D McB explained there were tensions due to an email received from Katrina by CC after a visit by members of CC.
    Decision to invite Development Officer
    AG to action.

    Grit Bins – have they been filled? Will be investigated straight away, internet site for reporting empty bins.

    Union flag not being flown on important dates – apologies for the omission mistake on CC members part. Next date for flag to be flown to be forwarded to Mr D McB.
    Suggestion for celebration for VE day within the village – suggestions and ideas to be brought to the next meeting.

    Mr Gladstone thanked everyone for coming – The meeting closed at 20:50hrs.

The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council to be held Monday 16th March 2020 – 19:00hrs in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.

Jane Markwell (Minutes Secretary)

Completed Application Forms for Funding from Kirkcowan Community Development Trust

The following applications were submitted to Kirkcowan Community Council for approval at the meeting on 17th February 2020.Arts Inc.

CIC: Application for £1200.00 to deliver phase 1 of ‘Roon the Toon’
project – Rejected by Community Council.

Kirkcowan Hall: Application for £541.66 to assist with the running of the Open Show 2020 – Approved by Community Council.

Once approved by Kirkcowan Community Council the applications then go to the Directors of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust for approval – 19/02/2020.

The Meeting closed 21:18hrs.
Jane Markwell (Minutes Secretary).