Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Community Council – 17th June 2019

Draft Minutes ‐ Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 17th June 2019 at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan‘s Hall

Present: Mr J Paterson, Mrs W Baird, Mrs J Mortiboy, Ms S Gray, Miss C Wilson, Mrs A Dabner, Mr J Adair, Mrs R Drysdale, Mr K Tinker, Mr A Gladstone, Mr D McKenzie, Mrs W Wood, Cllr J McColm, Mrs M Thomas, Mr B Thomas, Mr D McBain, Mrs D McBain, Mr N Steele, Mr G Mortiboy, Mr J Wright, T Wilson, Ms D McBain, Mrs J Markwell, Mr P Markwell, Mr D Cowles, Mr J Rae, Mrs J Steele, Ms G Claughan, Mr R McGaw, A Frame, K Martin (Police), Mr K Dean, Mrs M Harkness, Mr B Harkness, Mr M Murdoch, Mrs A McGaw, Mrs M Murdoch, Mrs H McWhirter, Mr J Wright (Jnr).

  1. Mr Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. APOLOGIES: Mr M Gumersell, Mr D Harper, and Mrs J Sommerville
  3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Minutes of last meeting accepted as a true and correct record ‐
    Proposed Mr R Drysdale Seconded Mrs W Baird.

    Q – What happens after the KCC meeting?
    A ‐ JP explained that the Community Councillors discuss the grant applications that have been submitted to the KCC. Once approved by KCC they are then submitted to KCDT.
    Q – If things raised at last AGM when will they be discussed?
    A ‐ JP stated the AGM minutes will be discussed at the next AGM.
  4. POLICE MATTERS: Community Officer Constable Krystle Martin stated there was nothing to report in Kirkcowan.

    A75 motorcycle accident, cars diverted, not enough signs – DGC responsible for road signs
    Cllr McColm and PC Martin will contact DGC and let them know.

    Emma Faulds murder enquiry body found in near Glentrool next of kin informed.

    Raising awareness of scams, be aware of fraudulent websites.
    Account No 1 ‐ £ 140.70
    Account No 2 ‐ £ 15,754.95
    • Neighbourhood Champions Initiative – Email received regarding litter picks WB will email information to anyone interested.
    • Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway Roadshow – Workshop on 26th June at Stranraer Baptist Church WB has an email address for anyone wishing to book.
    • Derelict Buildings Pilot Scheme Update – From Oct 18 DGC identified 6 properties 36 Main Street Kirkcowan being one of them. Garage and House up for sale, KCDT submitted offer for both but offer rejected.
    Garage under offer by another interested party, however KCDT have registered their interest with solicitors. No public safety concerns to date.
    Q ‐ What is the date of the report ?
    A ‐ 27th May 19. Environmental Health now involved.

    • NHS Community Health Sync Project – Confidential service to improve health and well being. Also attending the roadshow.

    • Discretionary Budget – WB queried with Cllr McColm regarding budgets for tree lights etc and should she submit an interest? Cllr McColm stated KCC can express an interest but money already allocated.

    • Short Term Lets – Consultation on 19th July 19.

    • Best Start Grant School Age Payment – DGC in conjunction with Social Security Scotland launched the Best Start Grant School Age Payment on 3rd June 19 applications now welcome. It’s a one off payment of £250 available around the time a child would normally start Primary 1.
    The first application window for the School Age Payment will run from 3 June 2019 to 29 Feb 2020 ‐ children who were born from 1 March 2014 to 28 Feb 2015 inclusive will be the right age to claim.

    Fact sheets on eligibility and how and when to apply can all be accessed on the Social Security Scotland website at‐we‐do/stakeholder‐resources

    Several questions were raised with regard to Kings Garage and 36 Main Street
    Q – What plans are in place to deal with the contamination of the site this could be very expensive?
    A – A survey would be carried out to find out what would be needed to deal with the contamination.

    Q – What plans are in place after the site is bought?
    A – Affordable housing was one idea. Consultation with community would be needed.

    Q – Why didn’t you go to the community first to see if they wanted to buy site?
    A – The Garage is under offer by another interested party.

    Q – Who is the other party?
    A – Don’t know.

    JP received an email regarding the election of councillors.
    Fiona Ritchie DGC, replied to the person concerned explaining that the election of Community Councillors is carried out by DGC.

    DGC will advertise the process in local press/posters, forms will be available from DGC. Once elected remain a Community Councillor for 3 years. DGC have decided to reduce the number of community councillors from 16 to 11.

    Q – Why have numbers been reduced?
    A – Not sure but may be due to other Community Councils finding it difficult to get members and reach a quorum.

    Q – What is the quorum
    A – 50% KCC is 8 people.

    Q – Why do you not have meetings in January, July and August?
    A – Historical, also quite a few people away on holiday in July and August.

    Q – You could have a meeting in July and August then?
    A – Yes but quite like having July and August off.

    JP received an email in relation to a notice board in the village, they felt they were not getting a full hearing at the last meeting. JP suggested put on hold at the moment as not sure what will happen with village hall.

    Q – Why can’t the notice board be on legs, on the grass adjacent to the village hall?
    A – Grass area is owned by DGC. Make application to DGC for planning permission.

    Q – Can I request the comment “most people know to look in the shop” be removed from the last minutes as I find this
    A – The minutes will not be amended.

    Comments from the floor :‐
    • Some people can’t get up the steps to the shop.
    • Some people feel intimidated to go into the shop, read the notices and walk out without buying anything, feel awkward.
    • Everyone in the village doesn’t use the shop.

    Q – What are you not finding out about?
    A – When the community council meetings are, only found out
    because of a post on Facebook . They have always been on the 3rd Monday of the month.
    Minutes of all meetings are on website – not everybody has access to a computer.

    Q – Where would you like the notice board?
    A – Near Park, school has a notice board. On grass adjacent
    to village hall.
    Near bus stop – which one?
    Fixed to Autumn Club wall.

    Notice board needs to be a decent size so all can put adverts/posters in. As a short term fix suggest putting KCC minutes in shop window.

    Suggestion to defer position of notice board till new committee in place, in the meantime ACTION JP to speak to Karen Brownlea (DGC) regarding putting notice board on grass adjacent to village hall and what permissions will be required.

    7 AOCB:

    Benches ‐ JP in discussion with DGC regarding 3 benches to be sited in cemetery. Mrs Pagen going ahead with her bench, Mr and Mrs Rudd will start fundraising in August, and KCDT will purchase 3rd bench.

    Cost of each bench approx £1000 for supply and fit.
    JP handed picture of bench and costings around room for all to see. Mr D McBain thought that the KCDT would put in 50% of the money and the families would put in the remaining 50%.

    All agreed request for some money towards benches to be taken to KCDT meeting on 19th June 2019.

    Q – What about the babies and soldiers in the graveyard?
    A – The 3rd bench is a memorial for all.

    Turbine Trophy – 18th August at New Luce – JP requested as many people as possible try to attend.

    Leave name for booking seat on coach with Ms S Gray in the shop or Mr and Mrs McBain in the Pub. Mr and Mrs McBain have visited New Luce park and thought it was amazing.

    Paths – Path through park and pavement out of Kirkcowan toward A75 Stranraer in poor condition needs a new surface/full of weeds – ACTION WB to contact DGC.

    Flowerbeds ‐ Have all flowers been planted, as there are not enough in the bed at the bottom of the village?
    ACTION JP to contact gardener and find out

    Hall Report –Hall meeting Tuesday 25th June 19, should have report from Architect by then provided the survey has been carried out.

    Q ‐ Not received newsletter has there been one?
    A – No newsletter as nothing happening at the moment.

    Speeding – Delivery drivers racing down Hamilton Crescent, cars speeding through village generally. KCC has requested Police on several occasions to respond.

    Q – Have you heard back from Stagecoach regarding bus breaking the speed limit?
    A – Had response stating Stagecoach take speeding very seriously and will inform their drivers of our report.

    Phone Mast
    Q – Why has phone mast in Dickie Wood not been installed?
    A – Company economising, not enough money to carry on with installation.

    Fuel Allowance – Q – What is the situation regarding the allowance for all Kirkcowan residence?
    A ‐ This still has to be motioned by KCDT.

    Christmas Party/Meal –
    Q – Why did KCC stop the Christmas meal?
    A – Stopped a while ago. The Autumn Club do a Christmas meal anyone over 60 is more than welcome to attend/join the club at any

    Merchant Navy Day ‐ 3 September 2019 – Flag will be raised in village.

    Mr Paterson thanked everyone for coming ‐ The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

    The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council will be held on Monday 16th September 2019 at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.

    Jackie Mortiboy (Minutes Secretary)

    KCC = Kirkcowan Community Council
    KCDT = Kirkcowan Community Development Trust
    Q = Question from the floor
    A = Answer