Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Community Council – 18th February 2019

MINUTES of meeting Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 18th
February 2019
at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan‘s Hall

Present: Mr J Paterson, Mrs W Baird, Mrs A Dabner, Cllr J McColm, Mrs J Sommerville, Ms S Gray, Ms C Wilson, Mr A Gladstone, Mrs W Wood, Mr R Drysdale, Mr M Gumersell, PC K Martin.

APOLOGIES: Mrs J Mortiboy, Mr D McKenzie, Mr K Tinker.Mr Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.
As Minute Secretary was absent Mrs Baird took the minutes.

Accepted as correct. Proposed -Ms s Gray. Seconded – Mrs A Dabner.

POLICE Matters
Since January 2019
2 RTA on A75. Careless driver offence A75

Community Council Scam
V Division (Dumfries and Galloway), Police Scotland have recently been made aware of a Scam Email that has been sent to the Treasurer of Lockerbie Community Council which presents on screen to be from the Chair of their Community Council. The email requests payment of funds by BACS into an account and appears completely genuine with good literacy and conversation. Luckily the individual who received the email has realised it was not authentic and questioned the request

As Community Council details, including names of Chairpersons, Treasurer’s and email addresses are easily accessible on the council website, we need to remain vigilant.
If you have any requests to transfer money or make payments, it would always be good practise to have a verbal conversation with the individual requesting the movement to confirm exact details

The Herbert Protocol
The “Herbert Protocol” Missing Vulnerable Person Incident Form is designed to make sure if someone goes missing, the police can get access to important information about that person as soon as possible. These forms, and the information they contain, are designed to help a rapid and appropriate response

The form should be completed by the individual(s) who are most familiar with the person named in the document. It can be completed in slow-time, and should be updated as necessary, on a regular basis, so that the information is as current as possible

When you have completed the form, please keep it in a prominent position – and make sure relatives and carers know that you have a Herbert Protocol and where they can locate it. The police will only ask for the form, or the information in the form, if the person is reported missing

The form can be downloaded or printed from the Police website or the NHS website

Fuel Tanks against Theft. Be aware and use locks where possible

Police Community Surgery. 21st March in Kirkcowan Hall 3.30-4.30pm. A poster will be going up nearer the time.

Account 1 £175.70
Account 2 £12,867.40


D&G Council Home Energy Assistance Scheme. Poster put in Post Office

Kendoon to Tongland 132Kv Reinforcement Project. SG to look into this

TQT Event 4th March Dalbeattie

Wigtownshire February Roadshow Monday 18th Feb

Community assets for people and Places Event. Sold out.

Marie Curie Helper Service. Request for help in making clients aware of the service. WB Contact Linda Mckie and John Ross.

D&G Council Consultation on Fireworks


Recycling – Discussion. Question as to where the recycling goes. Cllr McColm will look into this.

Newton Stewart Town District. Twinned with Marcoussis. The group is looking to Kirkcowan Community Development Trust for help with funding a visit of 30 delegates from France. Suggest they should try the larger fund. MG will speak to Foundation Scotland as they have missed this year’s application date. Can try KDT if they can show there is a connection with Kirkcowan.

Lights Main Street– Out 58 Main St. WB contact CCES.

Cemetery Tap– not replaced since burst pipe. WB contact CCES.

Kings Garage – No response re Kings Garage. JP to contact Jak Kane requesting an update by next week. Depending on the reply, information received will be emailed to members or a meeting arranged.

The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council will be 18th March at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan’s hall

Completed Application Forms for Funding
from Kirkcowan Community Development Trust.

The following applications was submitted to Kirkcowan Community Council for approval at their meeting 18th February 2019:-

Friends of Kirkcowan Primary School – Application for funding for Easter Bingo Event for School. Hall Fees/ Prizes/Bingo books/ Raffle Prizes/Refreshments.
Application Request £185
Approved by Kirkcowan community Council.

Kirkcowan Village Hall Committee – Application for Architect to carry out feasibility study. 8 quotes requested. 4 replies. One declined to tender.
Application Request £6,400
Approved by Kirkcowan Community Council.

Kirkcowan Community Project Group – Application for Funding to tidy up and renew paths in the Rest Garden and Dickie Wood. Removal 3 large trees in the Rest garden/ Cutting back and tidying/ 2 kissing gates/ Dyking/ Hardcore

Requested £21,790 for work. Requested money set aside for Maintenance.
Approved by Kirkcowan Community Council. Suggested that we get Community Services to help with Maintenance. Apply for funding when required.

Once approved by Kirkcowan Community Council the applications then go to the Directors of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust for approval

Next meeting of Directors Wednesday 27th February.
Mr Paterson thanked everyone for coming and the meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Wendy Baird