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Community Council – 18th November 2019

Draft Minutes – Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 18th November 2019 – At 19:30 hrs in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.

Minutes in PDF Format

Present: Mr A Gladstone (Chair), Mrs H McWhirter (Treasurer), Mrs D McBain (Secretary), Mr D McBain, Mr J Wright Jnr., Mrs L Parker, Mr C McEwan, Mr D Baillie, Mrs M Harkness, Mrs M Murdoch, Mrs J Mortiboy, Mr D Inglis DGC GM and 36 members of the public.

  1. Mr Gladstone welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. There were no apologies.
  3. The chair proposed the appointment of a minute secretary a name had been put forward, Jane Markwell, 16 Main Street, Kirkcowan, DG8 0HG, proposed by Mr A Gladstone and seconded by Mr D McBain – Question raised re non-elected individual undertaking the role – Mrs DMcB pointed to Amended Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Dumfries and Galloway 5.5.5 Associate Members being elected at an ordinary meeting.
  4. Minutes of the last meeting: request for amendment at ACOB under Aries – Mr Hall asked if 50% of funding went to DGC. Reply was no funding being spent by DGC but is going to a regional fund for community groups to bid for. Accepted proposed – Mr A Gladstone Seconded Mrs D McBain.
  5. Police Matters: No representative from Dumfries and Galloway Police.
  6. Treasurers Report: Account no 1 £81.30 Account no 2 £13,231.99.
  7. Correspondence:
    ▪ Camy has created a Community Council email address, accessible by all elected members.
    ▪ General Election on 12th December 2019, polling station to be in the Village Hall.
    ▪ Email received from a member of the public with several questions as follows
    What were the costings for the works in Dickies Wood and the Rest Garden? – Figures passed on to Camy by AG to be included on the Kirkcowan – What’s Going On? Page.
    Who owns the Rest Garden – AG Craighlaw Estate
    What happened to the timber? – AG Timber was part of the contract to be kept by the tree surgeon.
    Were the costings matched by the landowner? – AG No contribution from landowner to the cost.
    What was the amount paid from the trust?– AG CC and KCDT approved payment costings passed on for inclusion as before to Kirkcowan – What’s Going On?
    What assurance do the wider members of the community have if the KCDT board are deemed to be in breach of the Articles of Association? – No answer forthcoming.
    Who is the current Chair of the Trust? No answer forthcoming.
    Who diagnosed the state of the trees? – Fungus noticed at base of tree AG made decision to fell, no other inspection carried out. Western Hemlock felled as inappropriate site. AG accepted in hindsight communication not good, notice should have been placed to alert residents of impending work.
    Questions re the Development Officer? – Development Officer to introduce herself later in the meeting.

    ▪ Email 2 further questions for the CC as follows:
    Are there plans of how the wider community can be kept informed? – possibility of a newsletter.
    More transparency? – Publicise projects submitted to trust which were successful, work and cost breakdown.
    Trust sensitive info? – Arrange meeting with KCDT to discuss issue of sensitive information and ownership of Jenna Mora Wood.
    ▪ Letters received from several residents from Three Lochs – requesting a winter fuel payment.
    ▪ Poster out re budget drop in event to be held on Monday 25/11/19 in the Village Hall.
  8. Planning: Angling Club: – Ken Muir Farm details in funding request.
  9. Development Officer: Katrina Dick introduced as the new Development Officer and invited to explain her role. Katrina aware there is a certain amount of contention regarding the Wind farm money and aims to communicate with the wider public. Face Book page set up, Katrina available at the Autumn Club on Mondays. She plans to have an open meeting to enlighten people with info on the development trust. Email and contact via mobile phone not sorted yet. Attention drawn to public meeting re Village Hall 27th November 2019.
    Question raised re suggestion and appointment of Development Officer – this was KCDT no input from CC.
    i) Deputy Chair for CC – Joe Wright Jnr – Proposed by David McBain Seconded by Lesley Parker.
    ii) Kilgallioch Wider Fund – Jackie Mortiboy and Andrew Gladstone already on the Board. Three further members needed – should these be elected members of CC? Clarification required – to hold over to next meeting.
    iii) Representative to the Broader Machars Federation of Community Councils – Mary Harkness nominated.
    iv) Representative on Machars Action – Joe Wright Jnr nominated.
    v) Explanation of the Resilience plan – plan already in place – to seek 5 volunteers to work on a rota basis, no need to be Community Councillors – distribute a notice to ask for volunteers.
    vi) Appointment of Community Council representatives to the board of the Kirkcowan Development Trust (KCDT) – Two places to fill – Three names put forward – Vote taken at the end of the meeting – Result Joe Wright Jnr (9 votes) and David McBain (7 Votes) voted on to the board.
    vii) Christmas lights – Replacement bulbs available from America at a cost of £25 per set – purchase agreed
    ACTION HMcW – will need an electrical check and to be signed off as safe.
    Christmas Eve Church Service – Selection Boxes purchased – Santa as previous years – Music to be arranged
    Action AG to speak to Martin Marsh.
    viii) Winter Fuel Allowance to all residents of the Parish – Lengthy discussion re practicalities, cost to fund v capital spend on other projects
    No proposed spend
    All houses in the village visited to gain feelings of residents, although not all in when called
    Not a CC decision to canvas opinion
    Propose to use Development Officer to canvas views of all within Parish
    Information gathered to be passed to Katrina Dick before Wednesday.
    ix) Introduction of Development Officer – See previous point 9.
    x) Jenna Mora Wood – There were a number of questions re the wisdom of the purchase
    Cost to purchase £48,000
    Purchase not complete
    Purchase for Kirkcowan Community Council recreation and not to create income – not for onward sale will be village owned Ongoing cost, management and upkeep not determined
    Already right of way and part of the core network of pathways
    No clear idea of future development of the wood
    Purchase decided and passed by KCDT – mention in previous CC minutes unconfirmed date – (NOTE: Currently unable to detect mention in previous minutes apart from “Offer to buy Jenna Morra woods no news to date.” in May 2019 minutes)
    More transparency from KCDT would be welcomed.
  10. AOCB:
    1. Church are holding a Quiz and Curry night – no need to borrow sound system.
    2. Proposal for use of Wind Farm money by Richard Marsh – All weather sensory play park within the park area as for example the Stair Park play area – Full backing of the CC proposed by David McBain Seconded by Charlie McEwan.
    3. Proposals of Ideas for the Development Officer – Fibre Optic from cabin to houses – Park to be developed for use as more than just a play park, should be for all to use.
    4. Question re time limit on use of wind farm money, further info after Wednesday’s KCDT meeting.

      Mr Gladstone thanked everyone for coming – The meeting closed at 21:20hrs.

      The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council to be held Monday 16th December 2019 19:30 hrs in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.

      Jane Markwell (Minutes Secretary).

Completed Application Forms for Funding from Kirkcowan Community Development Trust

The following applications were submitted to Kirkcowan Community Council for approval at the meeting on 18th November 2019.

Kirkcowan Primary School: Application for biennial joint visit with Wigtown Primary school to Edinburgh for Primary 6/7 pupils. Application Request £6,636.70. To refer back to school for further funding input.

Kirkcowan Angling Club: Explanation of finer details of request explained by AG before declaring an interest and stepping out. Trust currently supporting the Angling Club with £3,000 per annum for cost of leasing rights.

Request for funds to construct wooden walkway along banks of Kenmure pool. Application requesting £2,828.00. Approved by Kirkcowan Community Council.

Once approved by Kirkcowan Community Council the applications then go to the Directors of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust for approval – 20/11/19.

The Meeting closed 21:45hrs.
Jane Markwell (Minutes Secretary).
Kirkcowan Community Council

One thought on “Community Council – 18th November 2019

  1. Charles McEwan Post author

    Posted on behalf of Charles McEwan

    I thought we had a great meeting last Monday. As in any meeting there were disagreements but people were able to express their different views which is what is needed in a democracy. I’d like to pick up on one item that was discussed. I’d like to suggest that the decision to buy the Jenna Morra wood be postponed for the following reasons:

    1) There is no vision as to how the wood will benefit the community in the future apart from continuing as it is which we can already do. We have possession of the wood, it has a right of way and it can’t be taken away from us. Buying will make us liable to prosecution in the event of an accident so why would be buy something we already have and which will become an insurance liability. We lose nothing by not buying at the present time. No-one else is interested as it is not a commercial wood. We can contact the owner and in consultation agree to various actions which we think are beneficial to the community and we can decide at that time which projects we are prepared to fund.

    2) If the £48,000 is not allocated for buying the wood this year, we can move quickly on fibre optic cables to households and to fitness apparatus for the park. That is something which will have immediate benefit to all residents.

    Charles McEwan