Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Community Council – 19th March 2018

Minutes of meeting Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 19th March 2018 at
7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan‘s Hall.   (posted 13th June)

19th March 2018

Present: Mr J Paterson, Mr J Adair, Mrs W Baird, Mrs A Dabner, Cllr Nicol, Cllr Hagmann,
Mrs J Sommerville, Mr D Harper, Mr P McAllister, MS S Gray, Ms C Wilson, Mr R
Drysdale, Mr M Gumersell, Mr A Gladstone, Mr D Conduit, Mrs H McWhirter, PC B Dodds.

1. APOLOGIES: Mrs J Mortiboy, Mr D McKenzie, Mr K Tinker, Mrs W Wood.

2. Mr Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting. Mrs Baird took the minutes in the absence
of Mrs Mortiboy.

Accepted as correct. Proposed – Mr R Drysdale Seconded – Mr P McAllister.
Items mentioned at February meeting:

Lights in Newton Stewart Rd. Still on despite numerous contacts with the council. Cllr
Hagmann will look into.

Water Rates Ballgreen Football Ground. The council have changed the name of owner on
council rates to Tarff Rovers as per Title Deeds and therefore we should not be liable.
Awaiting confirmation from Business Stream.

Crime Update since January 2018
Communications Act Offence – Person arrested and reported to the Court.

2 Road Traffic Collisions

Theft of part of machine in wooded area, near to Three Lochs Caravan Park, Kirkcowan.
Value in region of £3000.

Increase of Theft of Wheelie Bins from remote areas in and around. Newton Stewart

Pubwatch Online Scheme
The Scheme, launched earlier this year, has seen its first banning orders introduced to five
men from the Newton Stewart and surrounding areas, for a period of 3 months.
Recently, Newton Stewart and Stranraer Pubwatch Schemes became affiliated and anyone
banned on the Newton Stewart Scheme will be automatically banned from the premises
within the Stranraer Scheme for the same period of time and vice versa.

It has also seen a further 12 people being put forward for banning orders after the most recent
incident outside licensed premises.

This scheme is open to all clubs and pubs in the Mid Galloway and Machars. So any
pubs who are not yet engaged in the scheme may become affected by the displacement of
this type of issues. My advice to licensees is to speak with Sean Campbell, the
Coordinator for Newton Stewart Online Pub watch Scheme for more information.

Hate Crime
Hate Crime is a priority for Police Scotland with campaigns running on a yearly basis, to raise
awareness and to encourage reporting. Our campaign this year will run from Friday 16th to
Saturday 31st March 2018 and will build upon the success of previous campaigns. It will be a
targeted campaign and will focus predominantly on offenders. Messaging, publications and
activity will be designed for our specific target audience which is primarily young people
aged 11 to 18 years.

The aim of this year’s Hate Crime Campaign is to raise awareness on what constitutes a hate
crime/incident, the impact on victims and the consequences to offenders.

The campaign key messages include:
Tackling hate crime is a priority for Police Scotland / Police Scotland takes hate crime very
Hate crime is a serious crime; there can be long lasting consequences for offenders.
Regardless of your occupation, no matter the circumstances, the where or when, hate
crime is never acceptable and should be reported. You will be taken very seriously and
treated with respect.

Do not be a bystander, if you witness hate crime, report it!

This will be delivered by Campus Officers within our local schools.

On the 1st March this year the Three Issuing Banks in Scotland (RBS, BOS & CLB)
withdrew all paper £5 & £10 bank notes from circulation.
As such retailers/members of the public should only be receiving the ‘new style’ polymer note
(aka plastic) bank notes in payment etc. The old style paper £5s & £10s will still be accepted
at the Financial institutions for the time being.

On the same date, the Bank of England withdrew their paper £10 note so that all that will be
in circulation are BofE £5 & £10s polymer notes.

There is the potential that Police Officers may get asked for advice about the changeover
(from paper to polymer) or called to venues where retailers have declined to accept the old
style paper £5 & £10s. Retailers will be within their rights to refuse the old paper style
money. Members of the public who are in possession of paper money and are in dispute with
retailers should be directed towards their relevant banks who will still honor the old style
money and will change it.

The Banking Protocol is a multi-agency initiative between law enforcement, banking
institutions & Trading Standards.

Its aim is at the earliest opportunity to identify vulnerable victims who are in the process of
being defrauded of funds from their bank accounts by unscrupulous criminals and to intervene
to prevent these crimes. Victims, particularly elderly and other vulnerable people are targeted
by suspects for a range of fraud offenses, including courier fraud and bogus worker offences.

These crimes often involve the perpetrator encouraging the victim to attend their bank, post
office or other financial services provider in person and withdraw or transfer cash. On many
occasions the perpetrator will accompany the victim in order to make the cash withdrawal or
transfer. Many financial institution staff recognise out of character transactions of potential
victims and ask relevant questions.

In instances where staff identify customers requesting withdrawals or transactions as a result
of fraud, the transaction is stopped. However, this is not always reported to police. In these
cases the victims are often contacted by the suspect again and continue to be defrauded
at another branch or financial institution.
This was PC Dodds last meeting with Kirkcowan CC.

5. TREASURERS REPORT – No.1 Account -£459.48 No.2 Account -£15466.96


Review of Licensing Policy Statement & Assessment of Over provision.
Formal consultation 1st March – 31st May.

Active Travel Funding Opportunities – to encourage cycling & walking in local areas.

Bank closures. Impact on local businesses, consumers& Scottish economy.

It was felt that the Post Office in Kirkcowan deals with most things we would need from the
bank, although there some people unaware of this service. SG will try and rectify this.
Alister Jack DL MP – meeting community councils Saturday 21st April 12pm
Find out at next meeting those interested in attending.


Twinning Day – 3rd April midday at house of Nick & Jo Ward to meet the french family. Members of the community council would be most welcome.

Turbine Trophy. Kirkcowan’s turn to host this year. WE are looking for someone to take on
the rounders side of the event. Martin Gumersell was suggested by JP but if there is bowling
on he would be unable to take it on. WB to put up poster.

Friends of Kirkcowan School. Requesting BBQ, generator and sound system for 26th May.

Mast in Dickie Wood. Asked why this was stopped. Not sure reasoning. AG will try and find
out more.

The next meeting will be Monday 16th April.
Mr Paterson thanked everyone for coming and the meeting closed at 8.40pm.