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Community Council & KCDT Questions

(Updated 10th November 2019)
(Updated 20th November to correct spelling mistakes)

* Denotes a previously asked question awaiting a satisfactory response.

The letter to the CC in PDF format (this post)


At the risk of repetition – The Trust SHOULD publish the minutes of ALL Trust meetings as per the Articles of Association.
(Initial email to cc 13th May – “formal” request 28th July).

Thanks for the Initial response to my letter of (May? July? October?), requesting information on the Dickie Wood project, amongst other things, and which provides some of the information requested but raises some further questions?  

Response here

It remains my view that the provision of information should not be in response to specific requests by individuals but should be made publicly available in various accessible formats to ALL members of the community.

Basic numbers as supplied –
Clear paths: £850
Paths: £14,090
Dyke: £3,500
Gates: £1,700 (not used)
Fell: 2 Beech Trees: £1,250
Fell: 1 Western Hemlock: £450
(See above ‘costs’ link) Is the image provided to be read as an Invoice or a receipt?  – I’m assuming this is a copy of the application rather than a receipt?
In what capacity was this information provided – applicant, trust administrator or beneficiary?

  • It has been commented, to me, that the path has certainly improved access for quad bikes

*What was the actual final expense as funded by the community?

*Does the Church of Scotland own the ‘Rest Garden’?

*Was there an offer of matched funding by the landowner/s? If so – for how much – and how much has actually been received by the community fund?

*Presumably there was an inspection of the trees and a report prior to felling the ‘Rest Garden’ mature trees – may we see the report? (or – Why were the mature trees felled?)
What happened to the timber?

*Who is the current chairman of the Trust?

*What redress do wider members of the community have if the KCDT Board are deemed to be in breach of the Articles of Association?

Development Officer:-
*When was the decision made to employ a development officer?   I can find no reference to creating this post in any of the CC published minutes.
(I was informed that there had been no meetings of the Council or Trust since June)

I am led to believe that the Development Officer will now be working from the Autumn Club building and that Broadband has recently been installed. Is this correct?

There is a published Timeline (with Links) of correspondence with the CC and Trust to date