Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Community Council – Monday 20th March 2017

DRAFT MINUTES of meeting Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 20th March 2017
at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan‘s Hall

20th March 2017  PDF

Present: Mr J Paterson, Mr J Adair, Mrs W Baird, Cllr J McColm, Cllr A Geddes and Cllr Nicol
Mrs J Mortiboy, Mrs A Dabner, Colin Scott Community Sergeant), Mrs W Wood, Mr R Drysdale,
Miss C Wilson, Mr D Harper, Mr D Conduit, Mr M Gumersell, Mrs J Sommerville, Mr G Mortiboy,
Ms S Gray, Mr A Gladstone, Mr P McAllister and Mr C Richardson.

1. Mr Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. APOLOGIES: Mr K Tinker, Mr D McKenzie.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Accepted as a true and correct record.
Proposed ‐ Mr R Drysdale Seconded – Mrs W Baird

4. POLICE MATTERS: Colin Scott, Community Sergeant present. Reported the sneak in theft.
Positive line of enquiry in relation to Brig of Dee, Twynholm and Kirkcowan thefts. NHS
Dumfries, Police Scotland and local driving Instructors have funding for over 65 mature drivers
scheme – if interested contact John McNaught 01671 404267. Police Scotland Strategy
Consultation to develop the police . Full document can be found on – responses invited until 7th May 17 via 2026 Consultation,
or write to Policing 2026 Consultation, Clyde Gateway, 2 French Street, Dalmarnock,
Glasgow, G40 4EH

5. TREASURERS REPORT: Account No 1 ‐ £ 533.22. Account No 2 £ 13,180.44

1. Community Engagement – support Area Committee’s, work with partners.
2. Community Development – Support community projects e.g. Hall takeover.
3. General Community Planning – Asset transfer, locality plans, ward forums.
1% of budget from Scottish Government ‐ Community Groups decide on how it’s spent.

Ward staff based in wards – Mr G McKie based in Wigtown County Buildings, direct dial ‐ 01776
888465, if he’s not in office calls get diverted to Stranraer.

Mr J Paterson asked whom to contact in regard of an emergency if Mr G McKie is not in. Out of
hours notification 0303 333 3000.

• Consultation on unconventional oil and gas in Scotland.‐and‐climate‐change‐directorate/frackingunconventional‐
• Review of the scheme of Establishment of Community Councils D&G Council re hosting
schemes to discuss, Wigtown 29th March 6‐8pm. Stranraer 30th March 6‐8pm.
Cllr Geddis encourage as many members as possible to attend.
• Volunteers Week Awards 2017 ‐ opportunity to nominate a volunteer and
recognise their contribution within our region.
• Tree Charter Survey from the NALC

Machars Action/Federation Meeting – Mr M Gumersell attended meeting on 6/3/17 nothing
applicable to report at Community Council meeting.

Speed Sign – Sited on lamppost on Newton Stewart Road, facing towards village. Kirkcowan will be getting a permanent sign in the next financial year. Community Council will then look into
buying two more.
Broadband – Mrs W Baird emailed James Pocock. Kirkcowan should be getting high speed
broadband by July onwards (not all premises). Most up to date information is gained from the
website. Mrs W Baird has signed up to BT’s website.

Village Hall Report – Grass area included in hall takeover. Mrs W Wood reported 2 meetings have taken place since the last Community Council meeting.

Date for Bingo 5 April 17, will be asking all hall users for donation towards raffle prizes etc. £25 Proposed from Mr M Gumersell,
Seconded by Mr R Drysdale.

Information on all new groups on notice board in the Post Office, Kirkcowan website or Facebook. Hall Committee has decided to keep the toilets open to the
general public.

They now have a hall logo, badges available for £1. There will be a monthly
Suggestion of a wall mounted water heater in the hall. Community Garden to side of
hall. Mr J Paterson stated the external plug on the outside of the hall has now been changed.
ACTION – Generator to be taken to Village Hall for trial.
Litter Pick – ACTION All members to check diaries to ensure they are available in April. Date to be agreed at next meeting

Running of Generator ‐ March ‐ Mr J Adair, Mr K Tinker. May – Mrs J Mortiboy, Mrs W Wood.
July – Mr M Gumersell, Mrs A Dabner. September – Mr P McAllister, Mr J Paterson.
B733 Road to Wigtown Near Boreland Fell – Mrs W Baird to contacted DGC Roads Department,
awaiting response.

Windmill Report – Mr J Paterson and Mr J Adair have 3 meetings arranged in April. Mr J
Paterson reported the sad news on the death of the engineer working at Kilgallioch Wind Farm,
our thoughts are with his family.

Roads – Any news from the Wigtown Area Committee Trunk Roads meeting? No report to date.
Tap in Cemetery – Plumber has been instructed to fit a new tap.

Grass Cutting – Complaints received regarding the path to Dickie Wood being overgrown. Ms S Gray asked if the paths were going to be re‐surfaced – No plans for this Mr J Paterson will have a look at condition of paths after cutting of grass verges. DGC have confirmed grass cutting is to start again.. Forms are also available from the Council for hedge and grass cutting.

Park ‐ Community Services have confirmed they will do the inside of the park 3 – 4 times this year.
Grass when cut will not be picked up. Park benches will be installed Spring 17.

Mr Paterson thanked everyone for coming ‐ The meeting closed at 8.45pm.
The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council will be held on Monday 17th April 2017 at
7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall
Jackie Mortiboy (Minutes Secretary