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Community Council – Monday 21st November 2016

Minutes 21st November 2016

DRAFT MINUTES of meeting Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 21st November 2016 at 7.30pm in Kirkcowan Village Hall.

Present: Mr J Paterson, Mr J Adair, Mrs W Baird, Cllr J McColm, Cllr A Geddes Cllr Nicol
Mrs J Mortiboy, W. Dodds (Police), Mr D McKenzie, Mr D Conduit, Mr M Gumersell, Mrs J
Sommerville, Mrs H McWhirter, Mr G Mortiboy, Mr C McEwan, Mr A Gladstone, Mrs A Dabner,
Ms S Gray and Mrs W Wood.

1. Mr Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. APOLOGIES: Mr R Drysdale, Miss C Wilson, Mr D Harper, Mr C Richardson, Mrs R Rudd and
Mr P McAllister

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Accepted as a true and correct record.
Proposed ‐ Mr M Gumersell. Seconded – Mrs J Sommerville.

Shalla Gray ‐ Proposed – Mrs W Baird. Seconded – Miss C Wilson.
Alison Dabner ‐ Proposed – Mr J Adair. Seconded – Mr J Paterson.
Andrew Gladstone ‐ Proposed – Mr D Harper. Seconded – Mr P McAllister.

5. POLICE MATTERS: W Dodds present. Reported there will be more engagement with the
Community. Crimes – 2 oil thefts from tanks adjacent to bowling green. Alarm available that
that will sensor a loss of oil from a tank. Speed camera due back in village. Speed humps were
discussed as the best option to slow down traffic. Ball Green Park padlock broken and dyke
knocked over – Any damage/theft must be reported. Newton Stewart Police Station open from
8.30am – 2.30pm Mon to Wed.

6. TREASURERS REPORT: Balance £ 759.65

• EMFF opportunities – DGC secured £580,000 ‐ Poster in PO
• Review of Public Scrutiny – Questionnaire Mrs W Baird to complete
• Community Landowner Briefing session – 22nd November in Newton Stewart book places
at free event ‐
• Creative Scotland Arts Strategy Discussion – CatStrand New Galloway 28th November 12 –
2pm – Presentation ‐ £5 per person – Ms S Gray may attend.
• Lochryan Pipe Band Concert – Ryan Centre Stranraer 24th November 6‐7pm Poster in PO.
• Local Government Election Staffing Application – Mrs W Baird has form.
• DG Small Communities 8th December 5.30pm in Dumfries.
• Tendering for Buses.


Federation Report – Buses Mr M Gumersell to email Nick Walker to request a special meeting to
discuss buses. KCC must express their concerns as soon as possible. Proposed car park at Barhill Station. All members approved to send letter of support ‐ Mrs W Baird to send letter

Street Lights – Light in park still not repaired. Ground too soft for cherry picker.

Bench – Park Bench been removed. A new bench will be provided in the Spring.

Tree Lights – Old tree lights ‐ Note to Federation to see if any one else wants them – Given as
seen. Cllr McColm will mention to Mr McCartney.

Waterboard Stopcock Cover – Cover off adjacent to school opposite church. Reported to
Scottish Water in October. Reported again by Mr J Paterson this month.

Hall Report – 14 people attended meeting on 7th November 16. EGM on 12th December 16, to
form a Committee. Leaflet drop completed, ad in paper and poster in PO. Need as many
people as possible to attend. Looking to initially lease hall from DGC for 2 years then buy for a

Resilience Team – New sign with ASSISTANCE REQUIRED at the top of the sign so it can bee seen when displayed in the window. Resilience Team dummy run on Sunday 4th December 2pm at the school. Also check 3 phase socket at hall too.

Minutes – Query raised as to when can minutes be seen from the meeting? Not normally
available until a month later. Minutes to be prepared as soon as possible after committee
meeting in Draft form then put on website etc.
Community Benefit Funding Update – Update required for next meeting.
Mr Paterson thanked everyone for coming ‐ The meeting closed at 8.45pm.
The next meeting of Kirkcowan Community Council will be held on Monday 19th December 2016 at 7.30pm in the Lesser St Couan’s Hall.

Completed Application Forms for Funding from Kirkcowan Community Development Trust

The following applications were submitted to Kirkcowan Community Council for approval at their
meeting on 21st November 2016 :‐
1. Kirkcowan Curling Club – Application for fees, equipment and team jackets ‐ £1,981.
Approved by Kirkcowan.
Once approved by Kirkcowan Community Council the applications then go to the Directors of
Kirkcowan Community Development Trust for approval.

Next meeting of Directors to be arranged
Jackie Mortiboy (Minutes secretary)