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Content of Letter to Hall User Groups

Kirkcowan Village Hall Working Group
c/o Shalla Gray
Kirkcowan Post Office


I am writing to you today as you are a Community Group which currently makes use of Kirkcowan Village Hall. As I’m sure you have heard, the Council want to hand the running of the Hall over to the Community (either that, or close it completely).

From the questionnaire we handed out in September, the Community as a whole definitely wants to keep the Hall as a community resource. In order to do this we need a Working Group to decipher the ins and outs of the whole process. Currently members of this working group are: myself, Andrea Longos, Catriona Adams, Charlie Macneill, Moira & Ruth Macdonald, Keith Service, Charlie Marshall, Nichola Steele and Jackie Mortiboy. We hope to present the results of the questionnaire at a public meeting in early November, to which of course you are invited.
It has become apparent at meetings of the Working Group that current users are not fully represented. We feel it is extremely important that the views of current users are represented in this process and this is why I am writing to you today. We propose that each Group which currently use the Hall for meetings or activities send a representative to Working Group meetings. This doesn’t always have to be the same person, but it would mean that current users are kept informed and have the opportunity to offer opinions as to how we proceed with taking over the Hall in the short and the long term.

Could you please reply to this letter either by speaking to me in the shop or via email with contact details of someone from your group who is willing to be the main contact. I will then be able to inform you of upcoming meetings and hopefully give your group time to agree on whom should attend.

It is going to take hard work and commitment to ‘save’ the Village Hall and we certainly can’t do it without the support of the Groups which make use of the Hall’s facilities. We have the potential to create a fantastic resource for our community and would really welcome your involvement.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Best wishes,