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D&G Council – Festive Opening Hours Announced

Our council’s festive opening hours are now live on our website. This provides information on bin-collection arrangements, homelessness and housing options, registration offices, social work and more.

We are immensely grateful to the teams and staff who continue to show their dedication to their roles, and who are working over the festive period to support those people living in our region.

You can view our festive opening hours here:

Bin-collection arrangements over the festive period As is the case every year, bins will not be emptied on Christmas or Boxing Day (Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 December 2023) or New Year’s Day (Monday 1) and Tuesday 2 January 2024.

I very much appreciate the ongoing support and commitment of our Waste Collection teams and staff across the region who have agreed to work overtime to provide the following alternative arrangements where possible:

For any type of bin scheduled to get emptied on a Monday (Christmas or New Year’s Day) this is now planned to happen on the Saturday before (23/30 December 2023). For any type of bin scheduled to get emptied on a Tuesday (Boxing Day or 2 January 2024) this is now planned to happen on the Sunday before (Christmas Eve/Hogmanay).

Bins scheduled to be emptied on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of these weeks are planned to be done as normal. Information for householders on what to do with side waste and unwanted Christmas trees are on the festive-opening-hours web page.

We have also updated the “check your bin collection days” part of the new “Bins and Recycling” section of the corporate website. On it, householders will be able for the first time to type in their postcode and see their correct festive-period bin-collection date.

In addition, householders can check the Bins and Recycling section of the website for the latest service updates.