Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

DG Support – Community Bulletin 1st July

Coffee Annan

Annan Museum recently marked the return of the town’s Riding of the Marches, back this year following a 2-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic. And, as part of a series of events for the Annan History Festival, 2 more are planned.

Wednesday 20 July, 7pm: late look round with Museums Curator Judith Hewitt showing key exhibits and some of her personal favourites.

Wednesday 3 August, 7pm: Judith will give an illustrated talk on Annan and The World, exploring the global impact of some Annan people on their travels.

Both events are free and there’s no need to book.

Galloway Hoarders

34,500 visitors have already visited the Galloway Hoard at Kirkcudbright Galleries and many more are expected before the exhibition closes on 10 July and heads to Aberdeen. Prior to that a range of related activities are planned.