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DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 101

Happy New Year and welcome to the 101st edition of our Community Bulletin, which was introduced in response to the need to communicate during the Covid pandemic.

Of course, we hoped that the need for our Community Bulletin would be short lived. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case as Covid is still with us, continues to affect our lives, and looks like it will do so for some time to come.

But, on a brighter note, we’re already a fortnight into 2022, the days are beginning to get a little longer, and we’re eagerly awaiting Spring, some sunshine, and warmer weather.

As more and more people are double vaccinated and have had their booster, we hope that we can begin to return our lives to some sort of ‘normality’ and that,while remaining vigilant and cautious, we can resume many of the activities that we used to enjoy.

So, we wish you all health and happiness in 2022.