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DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 45

Now that we are clearly in the grip of the second wave of Covid-19, it’s absolutely vital that we act as quickly as possible to reduce the transmission rate and prevent a rapid increase in cases, which could overwhelm NHS Scotland and cost lives.

The Scottish Government has introduced a 5-level system, involving differentiated measures that can be applied nationally or regionally depending on incidences of infection. Angus, Fife, and Perth and Kinross have all been moved into Level 3 this week as a reaction to the high level of Covid-19 cases in Dundee, which they surround, and their own rapidly rising incidences Dumfries and Galloway is currently categorised as Level 2, and we’re hopeful of being moved to Level 1 soon. But this will only be possible if we all stick together and stick to the rules.

Test and Protect is Scotland’s approach to preventing the spread of Covid-19 in the community. It identifies cases through testing; traces people who may have become infected; and supports close contacts to self-isolate. This will enable us to contain the virus, change the restrictions that suppress it, and reduce the need for additional lockdowns. Please use it:

We realise how tough it has been for our business community during the Covid-19 pandemic and that the latest restrictions are having a major impact on local businesses. This is why we have a range of support for businesses in place. Please find out what support is available and use it:

We urge you to comply with the current restrictions, take all available precautions to protect the wellbeing of you and your loved ones, and seek help and support if you need it. This is the only way that we have any chance of managing and ultimately defeating this deadly virus.