Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 53

As Scotland continues in lockdown we’re all a bit fed up with being cooped up. But we urge you to stick with the current restrictions. Please stay home, stop the spread, and save lives.

Making sacrifices and being sensible now give us the best possible chance of defeating Covid-19 and being able to emerge from lockdown.

The theme of this week’s Presidential inauguration in the USA was moving on from the past and looking ahead to the future. And, of course, the need to fully focus on Covid-19 and make its defeat the key priority.

This is a time for looking forward. It might seem difficult to believe it as we experience low temperatures and even snow, but spring is not far away and we can anticipate sunnier days, rising temperatures and, hopefully, as vaccinations are rolled out and transmission rates drop, relaxations in the restrictions related to Covid-19.

It’s also important that we look back occasionally to ensure that we don’t repeat history. Holocaust Memorial Day is a reminder that all lives matter and that we must take a stand against prejudice and hate.

So, let’s learn lessons from the past while looking forward to brighter future.