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DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 73

It’s Carers Week this week, so we want to say a big thank you to the many unsung heroes who have cared for loved ones, friends and neighbours during the Covid pandemic.

Many carers have continued to provide support despite feeling isolated and unable to access their usual support networks. The dedication they have shown each, and every day has ensured the care system and NHS have not been overwhelmed during the crisis.

Although we’re now in protection level 1, we’re seeing isolated clusters of Covid cases in different areas across the region – and fuelled at least in part by the new Delta variant. It seems that this new variant is particularly easy to spread and to catch. However, it does rely on human interaction to spread, and that’s where the ongoing FACTS guidance is so important. Simple actions such as keeping our distance, regular handwashing and wearing of face masks will all help cut down transmission.

Wherever you are in the region, if you’ve been approached by the Test and Protect team due to having contact with someone with Covid-19 we’d ask you to listen to their advice about what you and your household can do to help break the chain of transmission and protect loved ones, neighbours and the wider community.

Help is available to advise around self-isolation, as well as grant funding in support of self-isolation.