Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 84

Having stoically endured the vicissitudes of the Covid pandemic for many months, including testing, lockdowns, and isolation, it has been easy to become self-absorbed and immersed in some sort of bubble of our own. But, this week’s events in Afghanistan have well and truly burst that bubble.

The sights of families trying to leave Afghanistan from Kabul airport were already heart-wrenching before the suicide bomb attacks. The horrors that people are now experiencing are almost unimaginably grim.

Our Council has already committed to taking 4 Afghan families from the previously announced scheme to resettle translators. Now, it’s likely that we’ll be involved in offering a home to some of the refugees who have recently fled Afghanistan.

Our region has a reputation for warmly welcoming incomers. We’ve already provided a home to 20 families who fled conflict in Syria. They have brought diversity and a much-needed younger demographic to our region’s ageing population.

No-one voluntary chooses to leave behind their home and everything that they own. Refugees have no choice. After fleeing unspeakable horrors, we hope that they can find peace in their new homes.