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DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 85

The fact that 2 people die by suicide every day in Scotland is shocking.

Many of us have been affected by suicide in some way, whether it was a loved one, someone we knew, or thoughts that we’ve had ourselves. Every “statistic” was a son, daughter, brother, sister, father, or mother.

We know that talking saves lives and the best way to prevent suicides is for all of us to feel comfortable talking about it. Yet we still find suicide difficult to talk about. Saying the word “suicide” isn’t a trigger, it could help to save a life.

Simply asking a person how they feel could also save a life. Sometimes it’ll be the first opportunity that a person has had to talk about how they’re feeling. Just offering a listening ear can make a huge difference.

Taking time to listen shows that you care.

As we approach Suicide Prevention Week, each of us has a role to play in preventing suicide