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DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 90

This is Challenge Poverty Week, which highlights that poverty is a problem that we can and must solve.

Too many people are locked in the grip of poverty, restricted from playing a full role in society. Our Council supports Challenge Poverty Week, which gives us an opportunity to raise our voices against poverty and show that we want to live in a more just and equal society.

As we head into winter, a combination of rising fuel costs, increased food prices, and reduced benefits, means that many people are going to find life more difficult, with low-income families facing real hardship.

It can’t be right that in 21st century Scotland vulnerable people have to choose between eating and heating.

We are committed to tackling poverty and inequalities in our region and our Council has a range of initiatives to help people increase their incomes and reduce their costs, which we know is the quickest way to escape from poverty.