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DG Support – Community Bulletin – Ed 95

With 14 November being Remembrance Sunday, we take time in this issue to remember all those who have defended our freedom across all conflicts.

The Royal British Legion, who are marking their 100th year this year, encourage everyone to embrace the traditions of remembrance, but also to make it their own.

It is up to individuals how they remember, be it specific friends and family who have served, or the greater cause, but please take a moment to reflect and appreciate the freedom we enjoy today.

We also have some interesting historical articles in this edition, including a piece about possibly one of our lesser known historical sites in the region, Doon Castle Broch. But if the weather at the moment isn’t suited to cliff top visits, we also have all of our wonderful museums across D&G and this edition introduces our new Curator for museums in the east.

Why not take the time to pay a visit to one of our museums or galleries, you may be surprised at what you find.