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D&G Tackling Poverty funding

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Participatory Budgeting – Tackling Poverty 2019 – 2020

Dumfries and Galloway Council has made £200,000 of Tackling Poverty funding available. Funding will be available to local people groups and organisations who want to stand up to poverty and do something positive in our local communities.
Grants from between £100 and £5,000 are available
The closing date for you to submit your project proposal is midnight on
Friday 31 January 2020.

What you need to do and when do you need to do it?
Complete your project proposal and submit it by e-mail to:
Or by post to:
Communities Business Management
Municipal Chambers, Buccleuch Street, Dumfries, DG1 2AD
Your proposal must be with us by no later than midnight on Friday 31 January 2020

You and your organisation

You need to tell us a little bit about you or your organisation, but more
importantly, you need to tell us how you plan to tackle the following poverty related outcomes:
• Rural isolation, particularly rural transport
• Fuel Poverty
• Food and eating
• Financial Planning and Wellbeing courses
• Developing hands on experience and new life skills through employment, peer group engagement and volunteering

Your project must demonstrate clearly a positive contribution to the
region’s Anti-Poverty Strategy and link closely to the challenges and
opportunities laid out in the Strategy:
• Low wage / low skilled work economy
• National Welfare Reform & Universal Credit implementation
• Fuel poverty
• Equality & Diversity
• Regional and local demographics and geography

Once we receive your project proposal, if anything isn’t clear for us, we will get in touch.
Once we have received all the project proposals the PB Steering Group will examine them to make sure they do what we need them to do. We will use the following criteria to help us do this:
Outcomes Your project proposal must have clear and strong links to the outcomes, challenges and opportunities above.
Stability Evidence must be provided that demonstrates to the Steering Group that you / your Group is stable and prepared enough to successfully deliver the project.
Experience You need to demonstrate any previous experience or skills you may have in delivering projects in this field / area.
Finance You have a reliable financial model underpinning the project proposal.
Deliverability The Steering Group must be confident that the project, should it be funded, can be delivered as proposed.
If we need any more information, we will be in touch or if you want to check anything with us, please get in touch.

How much can you apply for?

You need to demonstrate that your project will generate positive impact for those who need it the most.
You must tell us which geographic area your project will be delivered in:
• Annandale & Eskdale, or
• Nithsdale, or
• Stewartry, or
• Wigtown


Project proposals will be accepted from constituted groups, voluntary organisations and individuals.
• Groups and individuals who are not constituted can still apply. However, such groups must be supported by an ‘anchor’ organisation who are constituted, have a bank account and who will be responsible for any funding awarded.
• Groups awarded funding will enter into a contract with Dumfries and Galloway Council. This contract will be to deliver the commitment you have laid out in the project proposal. The delivery of the project will be monitored, evaluated and reported on.
• If your project looks to employ staff and / or deliver activities, you must factor into your planning employment law, employee rights and liability insurances.
• Proposals from local Community Planning Partners and National Support Agencies will be accepted, but only where the project proposer looks to deliver the project with the direct support of a local community group.
• Project proposals that rely on match funding from other sources will not be accepted.


• The funded activities must not start before the funding has been awarded.
• Activities must commence no later than 90 days after the funding has been awarded.
• All funded activities must take place within Dumfries and Galloway and within the geographic area referred to in your project proposal.
• Any funding awarded is one-off and will not recur. On receipt of applications from groups previously successful in gaining PB funding there is a requirement to state it is for a different purpose. The fund may be accessed for projects which are a natural progression to the original project and this needs to be detailed in the application.
• If your planned activities involve young people and / or vulnerable adults you must have in place the necessary PVG checks.
• All project proposals put forward to the public vote will be examined by the Steering Group to ensure they are fit for purpose.
• Not all project proposals will be successful and funding cannot be guaranteed.
• Groups with projects being put forward to a public vote will be required to:

  • agree that their project information will be promoted publicly
  • provide sufficient narrative, digital photographs and/or a two-minute video presentation to promote their proposal on-line
  • attend public voting event/s to promote their project
  • understand the PB process
    • All groups proposing projects will be required to participate in the promotion and evaluation processes.
    Support and guidance on completing applications and project planning can be obtained from Third Sector Dumfries & Galloway

Public Voting – When, Where & How

Public voting will take place in early March 2020.
The public will be able to vote through our online digital platform and direct engagement.
The final arrangements for voting will be agreed by the Steering Group as the PB process develops.
Should your project proposal progress to the public voting stage, we will notify you by 14 February 2020.

Printable Version WITH Application Form (PDF)