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Draft Minutes of KCC meeting 15th April 2024

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting, 15th April 2024, Kirkcowan Village Hall, 7.30pm

  1. Council Members present – Hazel Matthews (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Robert Drysdale, Mary Mackenzie, Kevin Dean, Andrew Gladstone, Kath Googe (Minute Secretary). Public present – Gill Kent, Jim Rae
    Apologies for absence – John Drysdale, Cllr Jackie McCamon, Cllr Richard Marsh
  2. Minutes of last meeting – The minutes had been circulated previously. KD proposed, RD seconded, agreed by committee.
    Matters Arising The digital speed sign on Newton Stewart Road is still waiting for repair.
  3. Police Report – No report received and Police Scotland presence.
  4. Notified Public Concerns – none received.
  5. Reports and Updates

    Treasurers Report
    No 1 Account £1,254.43 | No 2 Account £14,073.37
    Hall Fees £35.00
    James Smith Fencing £8,143.20
    Total: £8,178.20
    Carscreugh Windfarm grant (CREPL) £3,463.98

    KCDT Report – KCDT have asked the school for suggestions for the name of the Play Park when it is completed. The Hall committee are accepting the bench seat from the play park to be re-sited near the hall. They will arrange for the repair of the existing bench seat on the Hall grassy area. There was some discussion about the picnic bench currently in the play park as to whether it could be re-sited at the hall or in the corner garden.

    Planning – Replacement windows – 39 Main Street – planning permission granted.

    Footpaths – AG reported that he is still waiting more stone to be laid at Oldland gate.
    Committee agreed with AG suggestion that the same contractor be engaged as last year to mow all the footpaths 3 times this summer. He has arranged with Community Payback to strim the paths again this year. AG has reported the broken gatepost at Dickie Wood path junction to the Council. He is organising signage on the Barhoise footpath and considering what else may be required on this path.
  6. CREPL
    The 2023 grant has been received – available funds £2,901.52. Forward plans are not required this year, but all expenditure must be accounted for by 14th Feb, 2025.
    Corner Garden – Mary Mackenzie produced prints of her proposed plan and a plant list for the garden with a projected cost of £600. These and photos of plants/shrubs had been emailed to committee members previously. Not everyone had studied them. There was a discussion about priorities; should the stone dyke be rebuilt first. Eventually a resolution was raised that a stone dyke 2ft high be built by a contractor, at an estimated cost of £1,800 with new stone, allowing another sum of £300 for removal of the existing, a sum of £500 allocated towards purchase of shrubs, starting with climbers for the pergola, and that the rear concrete block wall be painted with masonry paint before shrubs are planted in front of it. HM will source suitable paint and a volunteer has offered to paint the wall. The school will be invited to decorate the wall with handprints etc. HM proposed, MH seconded, the resolution was passed.
    RD informed that a new starter motor is needed for the generator. He will arrange purchase and fitting. Estimated cost £300. The school will be informed that they must refuel the generator after they use it for the summer event.
  7. Litter Pick – Arranged for Sunday 28th April, meet 2pm at Church, all welcome. MH will put up posters.
  8. SEPA Weather Station – MH reported that as D&G Council own the Corner Garden, KCC is unable to give permission for a weather station to be located there. Also any rent for a weather station would have to be surrendered to the D&G Council. AG will contact SEPA’s representative to offer alternative locations.
  9. KCC Insurance renewal – The operating insurance is due for renewal, this covers CC activities, meetings and events (litter picks, Xmas Lights). Cost this year £30.69 – committee agreed this sum.
    The insurance for the container is separate and is due later in the year.
  10. AGM 2024
    This will be held on 20th May, before the next ordinary meeting of KCC. Hazel Matthews informed the meeting that she will be standing down as chairperson at that meeting.
  11. Any Other Competent Business
    0 Village planters are starting to deteriorate and will need a schedule of replacement after this year.
    0 Welcome to Kirkcowan stone sign on Station Road. As this is now fallen in several pieces it was agreed to get 2 quotes for its replacement – possible request to KCDT.
    0 The street light by 9 St Couans is still not working.
    0 The Union Flag will be flown on 2nd May for Princess Charlotte’s birthday and on 6th May for the Anniversary of Coronation of King and Queen.

    Meeting closed at 20.45
    Date of next meeting: Monday 20/5/2024 following the 2024 AGM

    KCDT Grant Applications:
    Village Hall Flower Show printing costs – £373.47 requested.
    Autumn Club Building Insurance – £300 requested.
    Friends of Kirkcowan School Summer Fayre – £750 requested.