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Minutes of KCC meeting 16th October 2023

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting
Monday 16th October 2023, in Kirkcowan Village Hall

1. Council Members present – Hazel Matthews (Chair), Mary Harkness (Sec), Robert Drysdale, Andrew Gladstone, Mary Mackenzie
Public present – Cllr Richard Marsh, Kath Googe (Minute Sec), Liz McMillan, Dave Edwards, Gill Kent, Jane Markwell, Peter McCubbin
Apologies for absence – John Drysdale, Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Kevin Dean

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
Minutes had been circulated previously. One correction – Karen Ogilvie is the 3rd committee member of the Secure Dog Park group. RD proposed and MM seconded – Minutes approved as accurate.

3. Police Report –
No Police in attendance. Police report received. 2 incidents in last month. One person charged with breach of the peace, assault and vandalism, and enquiries ongoing with regard to a breach of the peace and vandalism from a date in September. No other concerns or campaigns raised.

4. Notified Public Concerns
Jane Markwell raised a concern regarding the difficulties encountered by road users negotiating the turns at the junction between Main St and Newton Stewart Rd, particularly buses, lorries and vehicles with trailers. This is exacerbated by vehicles parking close to the corners of the junction. In some instances buses have had to make backward and forward manoeuvres in order to complete the turn. Parking too close to the junction also reduces the visibility for vehicles coming out of Newton Stewart Road, with risk of collisions.
MH is awaiting responses from Stagecoach and D&G Roads. Police Scotland advised that they do not routinely police parking issues unless it is causing a danger, obstructing the road or misusing a disabled parking space. Any one experiencing difficulties negotiating the junction should report it at the time so that it can be assessed. The Highway Code states no parking within 10m (32ft) of a junction, and this should be observed.
It was agreed to put the item on the November Agenda, to review any responses received from Stagecoach or D&G Roads.

5. Reports and Updates
Treasurers Report:
Outgoings: – £161.04 comprising
H Matthews – Halloween supplies £ 92.64
H McWhirter – Poppy Wreath £ 38.40
Hall Fees £ 30.00
Bank Accounts: No 1 a/c £11.30 No 2 a/c £23,772.20

KCDT Report – Hazel Matthews
No meeting held in September as quorum not met.

* Thomas Dam to Barnearnie footpath – the bridge has now been widened to 28”. It was noted that parts of the path are under water if the river is in spate. In these circumstances anyone using the path should equip themselves with appropriate footwear or avoid using the path until the water level has fallen.
* Community Payback have not invoiced KCC for strimming, as they have exchanged strimming for firewood from Dickie Wood. AG has asked them to look at the new path to Barnearnie for strimming for next year.
* Next path for action is the proposed path from Barhoise to Johnston’s Bridge, along the River Bladnoch.

6. Elected Members Report – Cllr Richard Marsh
* D&G Roads Dept. waiting on a replacement control panel for the speed sign on Newton Stewart Road.
* School Strikes – The Head of Education has apologised for the lack of communication with parents about school closures during the recent strikes. Unison have rejected (16/10/23) the latest pay offer and have announced that they will arrange for more rolling strikes.
* 2024 Regional Events Growth Fund now open until end of November for bids for funding for events.
* RM will ask Roads Dept. for more action to fill potholes permanently on the Malzie to Barquill Road.

7. Correspondence
* Planning application submitted – extension of Barnharrow holiday accommodation.
* Parking Strategy. Everyone urged to complete the online survey which is open until 15th November and affects parking in Dumfries & Galloway.
* Kirkcowan Gala Committee, who currently organise the Community Bingo, have taken over the organisation of the Fun in the Park event. The Committee, a constituted group, have requested that the proceeds raised at last year’s event, £831.92 currently held by KCC, be transferred to them. It was agreed to put this matter on the Agenda for November.

KCC has applied for 2021 & 2022 grants (total £5,795). This makes £5,760.88 funds available to cover all the works for the Church St corner garden. Work expected to start soon. Quote received for the seating area pergola.

9. Remembrance Weekend
KD will lay the wreath on behalf of Kirkcowan CC at the War Memorial, at 10.30am on Remembrance Sunday, 12th Nov, after the Church Service. Wreath laying is performed on a rotational basis with a different CC member taking part each year.

10. Christmas Light Switch On
Switch-On of Christmas Tree lights on 2nd December at 6.30pm. Last years’ organisers of music and refreshments to be contacted to ask if willing to serve again.

11. Litter Pick
It was agreed to have a litter pick on Sunday 29th October, meeting 2pm at the Church. MH to arrange pickers, jackets, gloves and bags. All welcome.

12. Any Other Competent Business
* Request from Secretary for reimbursement for printer ink £40.95 – agreed.
* Posters ready for the Pumpkin Trail, Fancy Dress Competition and Party.
* Union Flag to fly 11th-15th November – Remembrance Day to King’s Birthday.

The meeting closed at 20.25
Date of next meeting Monday 20/11/2023

KCDT Grant Applications:
Curling Club – ice fees – £1072
Carpet Bowls – hall fees – £690
Rainbows – 100 years of Guiding in Kirkcowan – £626.60