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Minutes of KCC meeting 18th March 2024

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting 18th March 2024, Kirkcowan Village Hall 7.30pm

1. Council Members present –Hazel Matthews (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Mary Mackenzie, Kevin Dean, Andrew Gladstone, Kath Googe (Minute Secretary).
Public present – Liz McMillan, Dave Edwards, Jon Kent, Jim Rae
Apologies for absence –Mary Harkness (Secretary), Cllr Richard Marsh

2. Minutes of last meeting -The minutes had been circulated previously. JD proposed, RD seconded, agreed by committee.
Matters Arising
The digital speed sign on Newton Stewart Road is still not functioning, awaiting response from Roads Dept. | The Give Way sign at Halfway House has been restored. | The gate on Dickie Wood path is not yet reported to the council.

3. Police Report – No Police Scotland presence at meeting but report received. A Recruitment Drive is underway, they have funding now to recruit officers.
A ‘Drop In’ police surgery will be held in the village hall on 3rd April, from 3.15 – 4.15pm

4. Notified Public Concerns
Potholes in Main Street have been reported – all on the list for the Roads Dept to repair.
The water tap in the graveyard not working – it has been reported to the council.
Buildup of dog dirt along footpaths. It needs 2 people to report to the Dog Wardens if a person is seen not picking up after their dog.  Otherwise other dog walkers will have to pick up the faeces. 

5. Reports and Updates –  

Treasurers Report

          No. 1 Account    £1,289.43     |     No. 2 Account        £18,752.59
          Hall Fees                                               £40.00
Shennanton Sawmill – pergola            £1,422.00                                                                                      £1,462.00 

Planning – None declared at meeting.

KCDT Report – Autumn Club Minibus has been delivered – awaiting clarification on Insurance. It will soon be in use. | Play Park – awaiting start date of works.

Footpaths – The footbridge across Barhoise burn and the gates have been installed.
The railings at the burn on the railway path have been installed.  The seat across the salt box on the railway path is to be altered to make it easier to sit on. Still waiting for more Type 1 stone to be laid at the entrance to the path at Oldland Farm. AG is looking for basic waymarkers for the footpaths.

Corner Garden – The pergola has been erected over the paved area and looks good.
AG has met with the contractor who built the stone dyke, he will not be quoting to alter it. AG has met another stone dyking contractor who has given an estimate for replacing all the stone and building a 2 ft high dyke for a cost of £1,800, or a 3 ft high for £2,280 including supply of stone, the cost of supplying the stone making up over half of the price. A second contractor has quoted approx £736 for re-using some of the stone but more would need to be brought in, which would be difficult to price.
SEPA has asked if the committee would accept having the existing weather station and rain gauge re-sited from a garden in Wellhouse Rd to the Corner Garden.  There may be a yearly payment of IRO £300.  CC agreed to ask the SEPA rep to the next meeting. There was talk about needing a secure fence and open area around it.
D&G Council has replacement road signs for Wellhouse Rd and Church St ready at Barnkirk. They can be installed in proximity to existing and replace them when there is funding available.

Proposed Plantings in the Corner Garden
MM and KG wished to show the proposed list of shrubs, with photos, for the garden. They have been offered a donation of some shrubs ready to move there, some would need keeping in pots privately for a year or so.  Others would need purchasing. Their plans were not discussed. There is no CREPL funding left in the current budget. The list and photos will be circulated to members separately in the next 2 weeks.

6. Elected Members Report – No report.

7. Correspondence –The Girl Guides are inviting people to the unveiling of the new bench in the Rest Garden on Wednesday 24th April at 6pm. This celebrates 100 years of Guiding in Kirkcowan.

8. Any Other Competent Business

  • An upcoming wedding party asks if they can decorate the pergola for wedding photos . This was agreed providing no nails or staples are used on the structure.
  • Jim Rae asked if anything was happening about the unusable bench seat by the village hall.  It was agreed to ask the Hall committee if the bench which is to be removed from the Play Park could be relocated to the grass by the Hall. JD asked if a couple of planks could be used to repair the existing bench which has concrete end stands.
  • JD asked if a defibrillator could be obtained for the Play Park. CC agreed to ask if the School has a defibrillator which could be accessed in an emergency, as it is so close to the Park.
  • The street light by 9 St Couans is still not working.
  • Kirkcowan Bowling Club holding AGM on 16th April and are seeking new members. RD will attend representing the KCC and KD will attend as a member of the public.
  • Union Flag to be flown on 9 April to celebrate King and Queen’s wedding anniversary.

Meeting closed at 20.45

Date of next meeting Monday 15/4/2024

KCDT Grant Applications:
Autumn Club – Minibus insurance                                                   £1,500
Gala Committee Group – Fun in the Park 2024                                £2,660