Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Minutes of KCC meeting 19th February 2024

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting 19th February 2024, Kirkcowan Village Hall 7.30pm

1. Council Members present – Hazel Matthews (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Mary Harkness (Secretary), John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Mary Mackenzie, Kevin Dean, Andrew Gladstone, Kath Googe (Minute Secretary).
Public present – Cllr Katie Hagmann, Cllr Richard Marsh, Cllr David Inglis, Clifford Smithers (Cree Valley CC), Charlie McNeill, Kirsty Andrews, Liz McMillan, Dave Edwards, Gill Kent, Jim Rae, Suzette Lonsdale
Apologies for absence – None

2. Minutes of December meeting -The minutes had been circulated previously. JD proposed, KD seconded, minutes were approved unanimously as accurate. No matters arising.

3. Police Report -No police were present, and no report had been received.

4. Village Hall – Trustees Update (Charlie McNeill and Kirsty Andrews).
Trustees had met with Robert Lowther to enquire what was happening with their request for a 10 year lease on the village hall. No progress had been made. He offered a 2 year rolling lease, where the committee could do minor improvements or repairs without reference to the D&G Council, or a 20 year lease that would enable the committee to seek funds for improvements from a larger range of sources. D&G council stated they had no intention of taking the Hall back under their care, (apart from the fact they have no money).  The Trustees will meet to discuss and make a decision on their actions.

5. Notified Public Concerns –The Girl Guides wish to celebrate their 100 year anniversary by flying the Union Jack in the village on 24th April. Agreed.

6. Reports and Updates

Treasurers Report
No 1 Account    £1,329.43             No 2 Account     £20,174.59

Hall Fees                                                               £30.00
H Johnston – Fixing brackets for bench seats      £55.98
Drysdale Construction – Corner Garden               £4,617.00
KCDT Grant for Barhoise footpath                       £6,362.40 

KCDT Report
Autumn Club Minibus  – now expected for delivery first week in March.
Playpark – Planning permission for the works has been granted.


  • More stone is required at Oldland footpath entrance.
  • AG is waiting for responses to enquiries of the Access Officer, and Outdoor Access Forum/Trust, and Paths for All regarding the production of a printed map and guide to the paths and extra signposts. Work is about to start on a bridge across the Barhoise Burn along with associated gates.
  • Community Payback contacted to request footpath strimming again this year.
  • The gatepost at the junction of Tea Pot Lane and Dickie Wood path has collapsed. This is a D&G core path, so the Council is responsible for its replacement. AG to contact regarding repair.

7. Elected Members Report – Cllrs Katie Hagmann and Richard Marsh

  • The Economic Committee of D&G Council have unanimously backed the Galloway National  Park proposal in principle. This is only Stage 1 of the process to become a National Park. At least 6 other regions are putting in bids.
  • The budget for the financial year will be set at a Council meeting on 27th February.  There is a £10.4 million funding gap this year.
  • The level of Council Tax, and how it will be funded is yet to be decided.
  • Regional Waste Strategy – D&G have received extra funding towards the collection of used batteries.
  • Regional Parking Strategy. Charging for parking is not approved. Recruitment of parking wardens to police parking offences may be an option.
  • Council workers have made a 7% claim for a pay rise.

8. Correspondence – None discussed.

9. Machars Action
KD reported the AGM was held on 19th December, in the meeting room of Machars Action. It was well attended by the Board and ordinary members.
The top table of Directors are now:-  Chairperson – Nicole Court, Vice Chairperson – Kevin Dean, Treasurer – Richard Kay, Secretary – Carol Lochrie.
If anyone wishes to become a member of Machars Action they should contact Carol Lochrie for a membership form.

10. Any Other Competent Business –

  • The ‘Kirkcowan’ Sign on Station Road has fallen off the wall and the granite has broken into several pieces.  A price of £150 has been quoted to repair it. MM to seek quote for full replacement.
  • The Speed sign on Newton Stewart Road is still not working properly. Cllr Marsh will report this to D&G Council, as well as the fallen Give Way sign onto the A75 at Halfway House.Village
  • Noticeboards. KD asked if posters for the new Badminton club could be put on the noticeboards. It meets on Friday evenings. Was informed that they are really for Community Council Notices, and there is not enough space for many village posters.
  • Corner Garden. AG commented that the stone dyking was not of the standard expected. Other committee members agreed with his view. The contractor has already been paid.  After some discussion it was agreed that AG would contact 2 stone dykers to get a ‘ballpark’ price to replace the dyke and obtain some better stone for the purpose. Option to have original contractor point the existing dyke at additional cost also to be discussed at next meeting. The Pergola for the patio area should be erected by end of February. The crate of rubbish is still to be uplifted from beside the corner garden.  The bench seats are still to be installed beside the patio. It was agreed that a picnic table with seating would also be added to the plan. MM and other members to research and identify suitable tables and bring quotes to next meeting. It was agreed that the back wall of the plot needed attention – power washed then painted with Sandtex or similar. MH to contact the school to discuss a suggestion that children might be involved in a mural of sorts to brighten the wall until plantings established. MH also to contact D&G to confirm permission granted to move street name signs and salt box. Lengthy discussion about the proposed planting plan for the area to be implemented once all hard landscaping and furniture in place. MM and KG to bring alternate plantings list to the next meeting, with detailed information about the plants chosen.  

Meeting closed at 22.00

Date of next meeting Monday 18/3/2024

KCDT Grant Applications:Kirkcowan Rainbows                                  £411.43, £756, £384
Kirkcowan Gala Committee                         £210
Kirkcowan Community Council                  £6,362.40 (amended)
Autumn Club                                              £32,106.48