Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Draft Minutes of KCC meeting 20th May 2024

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting

20th May 2024, Kirkcowan Village Hall 7.30pm

(Preceded by Annual General Meeting)

1. Council Members present –Hazel Matthews (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Mary Harkness (Secretary) John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Mary McKenzie, Kevin Dean, Andrew Gladstone

Public present – Cllr Katie Hagmann, Cllr Richard Marsh, Fiona Melvin, Fergus Melvin, David Edwards, Lynne Dalglish, Jim Rae

Apologies for absence –Kath Googe,Cllr Jackie McCamon, Police Scotland

2. Minutes of last meeting –Approved – proposed HMcW, seconded RD.

Matters Arising

MH apologises for giving incorrect number of houses proposed in Local Development Plan – should be 39 not 400 |Tap in the graveyard now fixed |The recent Litter Pick collected 8 full bags of rubbish.

Corner Garden – previous stone dyke removed £300; new dyke rebuilt £1800; £500 allocated for plants; paint to be bought for back wall, £70; climbers have been planted at the pergola; weedkiller applied to horsetail growing through membrane, will need to be repeated.
Generator – HM to source & price starter motor, approx. £300.

3. Police Report -2 incidents locally involving one person. | A reminder in lambing season to keep dogs on leads and under control near livestock. Heavy fines or prison sentence may otherwise be incurred.

4. Notified Public Concerns –3 items from a Beechgrove resident.

a) Footpath gate noise – unsuccessful attempts have been made previously to stop the clanging noise, but the resident is offering to sort it properly if KCC agrees. Provided the gate remains functional as intended, the consensus was to allow this.
b) Rookery noise and mess – can anything be done to control the expanding population? Nature Scot advises that interfering with wild bird colonies is against the law, with potentially severe penalties, unless licensed. Cllr K H stated this is not a matter for CC, residents with concerns should take it up with DGC Environmental Health.
c) Dogs off lead on footpath – could pose a hazard to livestock or traffic? Again, not a matter for CC. All dogs should be kept under control by owners. Concerns should be made known to DGC Dog Warden.

5. Reports and Updates –  

Treasurers Report                      

            No 1 Account        £1,173.74             No 2 Account        £14,073.37


          Keegan Pennykid  CC Public Liability insurance £     30.69

          Hall Fees                                                               £     15.00

ICO Data Protection                                              £     35.00

                                                                                      £     80.69

          No Income  

KCDT Report – Deposit has been paid to the contractor for installation of the new equipment in the Park.


3 Lochs Holiday Park – extention to pool table room.

OpenReach – new poles at 3 locations – Balloch O’Dee, Lochronald Fell and along C3W.

6. Elected Members Report

Cllr K. Hagmann

          Full council meeting – discussed 3 motions: the right to strike action; support for Palestine; period poverty provision in all DGC buildings.
          Licensing Boards – proposal to amalgamate all 4 current boards into one for whole region.
          Education Committee – has compiled a survey of all schools in the region, considering costs and buildings estate. Kirkcowan has capacity for 72 pupils, current roll is 42. Energy & transport are major costs.
          There is a suggestion to reduce school week to 4 and a half days, with after-school clubs / digital collaboration etc, to improve / modernise opportunities for pupils.
          Community Council elections will be held in October.
          COSLA pay negotiations ongoing.

Cllr R. Marsh

          Strongly disagrees with any reduction in school times as too many childcare, transport, staffing and cost issues. Better to realign existing timetable.
          Roads – extensive repair works are being carried out locally (6,000 potholes filled so far), but the scale of the damage to roads is huge. Roads Service is doing its best to catch up. ( F Melvin – cycling is still very dangerous as many potholes still exist or are badly filled.| J Rae – machinery not being used efficiently or to max capacity | J D – excess tar is often dumped randomly at the end of the working day.)
The public can report exact pothole sites needing repair by entering the location on the Council interactive map at:

NB: Reporting of road & pavement defects, streetlights, waste & recycling collection etc can be made by members of the public direct to the DG Council at

          Local Development Plan – residents urged to visit the Roadshow at the Hall in Kirkcowan on 28th May or take part via the Council website. New housing would help grow the community and provide much needed homes for young families.

          Hospitals – D&G Health and Social Care Partnership starting consultations about the local hospital provision  – an in-person event to be held in McMillan Hall, Newton Stewart on 20th June 3-7pm. All materials including the online consultation document and the options appraisals report can now be found at the website

There is a definite need for both Wigtownshire hospitals, as there is currently no care home capacity or respite care availability.

7. Correspondence

a) Citizens Advice seeking volunteers.

b) KCC will dissolve for Community Council elections in October.
c) Hall toilets – request from Hall Committee to confirm KCC’s continuing wish for toilets to be available to the public, and to ask for financial contribution towards cost. Yes, unanimously agree to keeping toilets open, but no funds available to contribute. MH asked if a separate toilet behind the hall would be acceptable if that was a viable alternative? Yes.
 d) Local Development Plan Roadshow on 28/5/24.
 e) D&G Roadshows for young people will be happening across the region from 22nd July till 18th August.

8. Any Other Competent Business

          J Rae – Potholes on 3 Lochs road still bad. Cllr Marsh – process is ongoing,checking ownership of the bridge. Reminder that anyone can report lighting, potholes etc direct to DGC online, as above.

          K D – Flag will be flown on 6th June for D Day, and 15th June for King’s birthday. | The metal railing on the railway path has sharp bits that need to be filed, as K D cut his hand. A G will attend to it.

          L Dalglish – Pleased to report that the Bowling Club has a new committee, has hired a new greenkeeper, and has been offered help with funding applications, code of conduct etc. Plans are underway for an Open Day and other future events. Aiming to co-ordinate with other local bowling clubs to arrange dates for competitions.

Meeting closed at 21.10.

Date of next meeting Monday 17/6/2024

Late News:

D&G Health and Social Care Partnership Consultation

20th June Newton Stewart

Postponed due General Election. New date to be advised. Online consultation document still live though unlikely to be actioned until after 5th July.

Shennanton Windfarm

Public consultation by SmithyHouse Associates on behalf of E Power.

Tuesday 25 June

11.00-2.00pm – Kirkcowan Village Hall, Kirkcowan

4.00-7.00pm – McMillan Hall, Dashwood Square, Newton Stewart

Proposed windfarm location is 2 miles northwest of Kirkcowan on Ardachie Fell – proposed 11 turbines at 200m height