Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

AGM – Help with Trust Accounts – (Note 2)

Resolution 3

We were asked in the AGM Trust members notification letter to “Accept the Annual Accounts to 31 July 2019” and helpfully included was a printed copy of the accounts as posted on Companies House on 16th June 2020.

This included the following information in the ‘Notes’ section
(screenshot below)


Leaving aside the questionable statements in section 1 for the moment and looking at section 2 – we can see that the income from SPR Kilgallioch is stated as £154.150 for the year 2019 and £78,696 for year 2018.

When we compare that with the Kilgallioch accounts for 2019 as posted on Companies house we see that the donations are clearly stated as being £184,980 for 2019 and £71,250 for 2018 respectively.
(screenshot below)

Kilgallioch accounts for 2019

This would appear to indicate a shortfall on the Kirkcowan trust of £38,830 for the year 2019 – HOWEVER – if we look at the 2nd line on the Kirkcowan sheet we see separate entries for “SPR Endowment Fund “which would appear to be the “missing” £30,830 in 2019

i.e. if we simply add Row 1 and Row 2…

SPR Kilgallioch£154,150
SPR Endowment Fund£30,830
Gives total 2019 grant of£184,980

…which matches up nicely with the Kilgallioch accounts.

The real fun begins with the 2018 entries when we attempt to apply the same formula to the totals displayed. (Row A + Row B = ?)

Despite numerous efforts I have been unable to perform the required mental gymnastics in order to add £78,696 to £11,875 and match the stated total of £71,250 in the Kilgallioch accounts.
(Barrhill accounts also appear to show 2018 Kilgallioch income as £71,250)

And that, folks, is one of the many reasons I am not an accountant and is also why I find myself unable to ‘accept’ the annual accounts without some further explanatory clarification to show the workings.