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Minutes KCC meeting 15th May 2023

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting 15th May 2023, Kirkcowan Village Hall

Printable Draft Minutes (PDF)

1. Council Members present – Hazel Matthews (Chair) Mary Harkness (Secretary), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Andrew Gladstone, Mary Mackenzie, Kevin Dean.

Public present – Cllr Richard Marsh,Gill Kent, William Harkness, David Edwards, Eliza McMillan, David Marshall, Lynne Dalglish, Jim Rae, Douglas Bannister, Tony Day, Mark Godfrey, Philip Colville, David Marshall, Kath Googe (Minute Secretary), Graham Parkes.

Apologies for absence – Patricia Veevers.

2. Minutes of April meeting
These have been circulated and agreed. Proposed John Drysdale, seconded by Robert Drysdale.
Matters Arising –
– D&G Council have no plans to install electric vehicle charging points in the village.
– Litter Pick – 7 miles of roadside verge cleared with 10 participants and 8 large bags of rubbish collected.

3. Police Matters/Report
Report received. No crimes or incident reported in the last month. Ongoing police campaigns – domestic abuse, ATM fraud, police recruitment.

4. Notified Public Concerns

5. Reports and Updates

Treasurers Report
No 1 Account      £46.30                               No 2 Account      £17,774.29

Andrew Kirsch – Path clearance                           £675.00
Colin Foulds  – Gravel                                           £375.00
James Smith Fencing                                           £918.00
Robert Drysdale – battery for generator                £ 78.85
                                                                    Total £2046.85
KCDT Grant for knitting group                             £174.00

KCDT Report
KCDT have had a meeting with the contractor for the Playpark, in readiness for the public meeting on 30th May (6.30- 8.30)

Footpaths Update
– Teapot Lane – Type 1 gravel now spread, drainage pipes put under the dyke to take water away. Concrete slab inserted at junction of paths to divert water into field.
– Strimming of vegetation agreed with Community Payback along the paths in The Glebe, Oldland and Teapot Lane.
– Path at Oldland awaiting J Black to complete all work before invoice is paid.
– Signposts – All 8 have been supplied and are awaiting installation. CC accepted quotation of £300 for this.
Phase 2 Footpaths
– Thomas’s Dam to Barnearnie. New fence required to enable path alongside river. Committee agreed to fund half cost via KCDT and landowner the other half. AG looking for prices for the work from local contractors.
– Mowing footpaths 3 times a year, Railway path, Oldland path in field, and the 2 fields to Johnston’s Bridge. Seeking two contractors’ estimates before work can go ahead.
– Jenna Morra Wood. Estimates received for work to start constructing an alternative riverside path to Johnston’s Bridge with steps down to a burn, a footbridge and a boardwalk on the first section.   

Machars Action – Kevin Dean reported on the Board meeting held 3rd May.
Chairman Robin Richmond resigned. Kevin Dean, previously Vice-chair, now acting chairman until the next AGM. Board meetings will now be bi-monthly. Next meeting is 14/6/2023 at 1pm.

CREPL Grant – Due to long delays within Foundation Scotland, KCC need to identify projects, seek grant funding then wait up to six months for approval before commencing work. Agreed to focus on improvements to Corner Garden and submit a grant application once estimates have been received.

KCBC Vacancies – There are 3 vacancies needing nominations through KCC by the end of the week.  It was explained that KCBC distributes Kilgallioch funds to finance projects within the wider community excluding Kirkcowan, Glenluce, New Luce and Barrhill.   William Harkness and Philip Colville agreed to be nominated and CC will advertise for the third vacancy.

Fun in the Park 17th June – The events for the afternoon are now arranged. There will be an afternoon BBQ and an evening dance with Kippy and Co. Posters have been made to advertise the event.

Taster Session in the Hall. 13th May. This was poorly attended.

6. Elected Members Report  – Cllr Richard Marsh
– Litter pick – 1900 bags rubbish collected across the region, with 1700 people involved in 240 events.
– The dangerous potholes at the road bridge at Balloch O’Dee have not been repaired. There is a possibility that the new bridge beside it (constructed for the wind farm) may in future be adopted by the Council. Discussion followed concerning numerous potholes needing attention locally.
– The Council CEO is visiting the area imminently, but not to Kirkcowan.

7. Correspondence
Nominations to outside bodies:
Machars Action – Kevin Dean.           KCDT – Hazel McWhirter & Hazel Matthews.
CCs Federation – Mary Harkness.     Minute Secretary – Kath Googe.

8. Any Other Competent Business

  • Lynne Dalglish – Lack of signage for Beechgrove – would KCC fund signage?  The terrace is named on the large scale map.  CC asked for pricings to be submitted for consideration. LD also remarked on the pollution from the rookery in the trees, bird droppings on washing, cars etc.
  • Jim Rae – The grass by the village hall has not been cut. For discussion by KVH Board.
  • School Fair – CC agreed that school can borrow the generator and sound system for the fair on Saturday 27th May.
  • Resilience Plan – No progress.

Meeting closed at 21.20.

KCDT Grant Applications:
Kirkcowan Village Hall – £523 – Flower Show printing costs and trophies
Kirkcowan Community Council  – £1705 – Fun in the Park costs – entertainment, catering, insurance – revised to £1930 to include hall hire for dance, and gas cylinder for park catering.

Date of next meeting Monday 19/6/2023