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KCDT – A Response

Just to keep folks up to speed…

After our initial formal request for information on the Trust – on the 29th of July and having had no response within the 28 days as specified in the Articles of Association – I emailed the Trust Secretary as follows..

On Thu, 29 Aug 2019, at 4:31 PM, Camy McGregor wrote:

Hi Jak,
Is there any movement on the request for information on the KCDT (from July 30th) as we’re now over the 28 day limit?

on Friday 30th at 4:56pm I received the following response

Apologies Camy

The Trust is in effect on summer recess so the Trustees haven’t actually met over the past two months but will discuss the issue at their next meeting.   I understand that the suggestion is that some of the Trustees would arrange to meet with you to discuss your issues and agree a way forward so that you, and through you the wider community, can be provided with up to date and relevant decisions and any other information in a timely manner following Trust meetings.

As you are aware the Trust is currently looking to recruit a Development Officer whose remit will be to work with the community to develop a Community Action Plan and to engage with the Kirkcowan community on a regular basis both in identifying, developing and delivering projects but, more importantly, keeping the community informed of progress.

I will let you know as soon as the next meeting is convened and be in touch immediately thereafter.

Kind regards, Jak

This reply raises several more questions. However…

If anyone would like to request information, suggest possible queries or other topics they would like to be raised with the Trust please don’t hesitate to email me directly at* as currently I am mainly relaying the my own disquiet and that of some members of the local community as passed to me in conversations.

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It will be helpful to have a wider insight if there are other specific issues that are also causing concern.

I appreciate that some people may feel awkward or intimidated by posing questions at public meetings, so questions passed by email will be dealt with anonymously if requested.

However, on a positive note.

It’s encouraging to see that the Trust are following the lead of Barrhill, New Luce and Old Luce in employing a Development Officer and promising an improvement in communications.

12th September – I’ve inquired as to when the decision to employ a development Officer was made…

Articles of Association – Minutes

52 – The Board shall cause minutes to be made of all appointments of officers made by it and of the proceedings of all General Meetings and of all Board meetings and of sub-committees, including the names of those present, and all business transacted at such meetings and any such minutes of any meeting, if purporting to be signed after approval, either by the chairman of such meeting or by the chairman of the next succeeding meeting, shall be sufficient evidence without any further proof of the facts therein stated.

52.1 – Subject to Article 52 the company, upon request of any person for a copy of any minutes must, if the request is reasonable, give the person with 28 days of the request a copy of the requested minutes.

Right of Reply

We are more than happy to post responses from any of the Directors of KCDT on this site