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KCDT Membership Form

Kirkcowan Community Development Trust is inviting residents of the Community Council area to become members. Membership of the Trust is available to anyone who is aged 16 or over and normally resident in the KIrkcowan Community Council area.

KCDT Membership Form

Members will have full voting rights at general meetings and will be entitled to stand for appointment as a Director of the Trust. Non-members will still be able to attend meetings (but not vote) and will be involved in any consultation involving the Trust.

The Trust will be convening a General Meeting in early 2019 to appoint a new Board of Directors. This will give all residents the opportunity to become members and the potential of becoming a Director of the Trust.

What is the Kirkcowan Community Development Trust and what is it for?

The Trust was established to provide a legally constituted body that could enter into a legal agreement and receive community benefit payments in connection with SPR’s Kilgallioch Windfarm during its operational lifetime. The Trust now also receives and administers other windfarm funds benefitting the Kirkcowan area.

Who can become a member?

Membership is open to those individuals aged 16 and over who:

a) are ordinarily resident in the Kirkcowan Community Council area; and

b) are entitled to vote at a local government election in a polling district that includes the Community or part of it; and

c) who support the Purposes of the Trust.There is no membership fee and the liability of members is limited to £1.

Who manages the Trust and makes decisions about it?

The affairs, property and funds of the Trust are directed and managed by a Board of Directors. Representation on the Board of Directors is being extended so that the majority of the Board will be made up of members that will be elected by the Trust’s membership.The Board of Directors will comprise:

  • Up to six individual persons elected as Directors by the Ordinary Members and who themselves must be Ordinary Members (Elected Directors); and
  • Up to two individual persons appointed by Kirkcowan Community Council (Appointed Directors)

Each year one third of the Elected Directors will retire from office but will be eligible for re-election for one more term of office (i.e. three more years).

Kirkcowan Community Council will notify who will serve as its Appointed Directors at each AGM of the Trust.


The Trust has been formed to benefit the community of Kirkcowan with the following purposes

  • :To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the Community and the public in general
  • To provide, or assist in the providing, recreational facilities and/or organising recreational activities, which will be available to members of the Community and public at large with the object of improving the conditions of life in the Community
  • To advance community development, including urban or rural regeneration within the Community
  • To advance the education of the Community about its environment, culture, heritage and/or history
  • To advance environmental protection or improvement including preservation, sustainable development and conservation of the natural environment, the maintenance, improvement or provision of environmental amenities for the Community and/or the preservation of buildings or sites of architectural, historic or other importance to the community
  • To promote, establish, operate and/or support other schemes and projects which are in furtherance of charitable purposes for the benefit of the Community

Contact Us

If you would like more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kirkcowan Community Development Trust

Machars Initiative Centre
26 South Main Street,
Wigtown DG8 9EH

Tel: (01988) 403450

Kirkcowan Community Development Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee –registered in Scotland No SC510266

Registered Office: 26 South Main Street, Wigtown, Newton Stewart DG8 9EH

KCDT Membership Form