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KCDT Request for Information (Letter 4)

Updated with KDCT response on 19th December

Letter to Community Council for 16th December meeting

Camy McGregor
42, Main Street

16th December 2019

Request to view Minutes of KCDT – Letter 4 – 140 Days (and counting)

Further to my initial ‘formal’ request to the Secretary of the KCDT on 29th of July 2019 – I feel that I have as yet to receive any satisfactory response – such responses, to date, as there has been have been piecemeal and have raised more questions than answers.

It remains my view that the provision of information should not be in response to specific requests from individuals but should be, automatically, made publicly available in various accessible formats to ALL members of the community.

and Wishing a Merry Christmas to all our regular readers

19th December – My wife received a telephone call from Mr Gladstone to the effect that… The Trust had looked at my request for information but felt that it was best not to release any minutes – due to the ‘political’ situation with the Cree Valley Community Council as they are apparently upset that they are not getting access to windfarm money – I paraphrase as I was not the recipient of the actual call.

Readers can make up their own mind as to whether they believe that to be a valid reason to withhold information on public funds or not…