Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

CAP – Action Plan

Action points and discussion

The result of the main survey and also the information gathered through the pilot survey, drop-in meeting in January 2020 and a general meeting held in February 2016 supports the following five project themes with Jenna Morra Wood added in as its own theme, totalling six themes.

  • Paths & Walks
  • Identify paths/walks wanted by people in the Kirkcowan Community Council area
  • Cycle paths/paths to places of interest
  • Creating a circular walk from Jenna Morra Woodland to Village
  • Create walks booklet
  • Signed walks
  • All abilities walks
  • Jenna Morra Wood
  • Form working group for Jenna Morra Woodland
  • Create a forest management plan for Jenna Morra Wood
  • Make an access and recreation plan for Jenna Morra Wood
  • Village Hall
  • Refurbish village hall
  • Ensure hall is built to eco-standards
  • Research into possibility of using renewable energy sources for heating.
  • Play Park
  • Renew/add new play equipment for children
  • Landscape play park to incorporate a ‘garden feel’ to the area
  • Add more benches/picnic tables to create a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • Consider toddler secure gates at play park exits.
  • Install adult exercise equipment/adult & child exercise equipment
  • Winter Fuel Allowance / Energy Efficiency
  • Continue yearly winter fuel allowance to households in Kirkcowan Community Council Area
  • Arrange for energy efficiency agencies to visit village to provide assistance in regards to saving energy.
  • Ensure all work done for Trust is done in an energy efficiency friendly way and ensuring carbon friendly materials are used as much as possible
  • Create energy policy for any Trust work
  • Youth Facilities
  • Securing area for youth to use
  • Create/support youth club
  • Consider installing Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)