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Winter Fuel & Energy efficiency.

As per December 2019 a yearly winter fuel allowance of £150 was available to every household in the Kirkcowan Community Council Area, excluding second homes or holiday homes. Although the idea was (and still is) popular with the Community is has raised some opposition by others.

To ensure the winter fuel would comply with Funding criteria it was decided to pay the £150 straight into the householder’s electricity or gas account. This caused some opposition amongst people who use coal, oil or wood for heating.

It was quickly discovered by the Machars Office that paying out the winter fuel payments in this way is tricky and as per April 2020 the payments are just starting to trickle in to people’s energy accounts.

It is suggested for next year to find an alternative solution to this which would also comply with the Funding criteria for any grants KCDT get.

With regards to energy efficiency it is suggested to hold a variety of energy efficiency events held by experts in for example building insulation, renewable energy, energy saving tips etc.

Comments from Surveys

  • Green energy/going carbon neutral
  • The village needs a good hall that is energy efficient to run.
  • What about Kirkcowan Community having a group that looks at environment/climate change holding events/talks at school how we need different energy and how to save items going to landfill and have a small area near school so children can grow food and learn each plan benefit.
  • Given the acknowledged Climate Change emergency and wildlife decline, I think it is vital that ALL projects take into account environmental impact, embodied energy and resource use.

Walks & PathsJenna Morrow WoodVillage Hall – Energy – Play ParkYouth Facilities