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Jenna Morra Wood has been bought by the Trust to safeguard its future and to give the community more power over what they would like to do/see in the woods. Below are a few key points to consider for moving on with this project.

[Cost of purchase £48,000 – CC Minutes November 2019]

Create a working group for Jenna Morra woodland to create a community ownership feeling of the woods.

Commission a long term Forestry Plan for Jenna Morra wood which will include Access & Recreation plan which again takes into account the community’s wishes for the woodland as well as other natural habitats as identified through the Main Survey and the Drop-in meeting.

Consider creating a small car park on the south side of Johnston’s Bridge to accommodate some cars.

Create additional paths in Jenna Morra wood.

Comments from Surveys

  • Don’t cut down Jenna Morrow wood
  • Develop Jenna Morrow Wood
  • Make Kirkcowan Carbon neutral! The Jenna Morrow wood is a good start!
  • Make safe access from village for children, ideally a circular walk.
  • Circular walk around the Jenna Morrow to be dog and owner friendly.
  • Good footpath into the wood, accessible
  • Forest school opportunities for school holidays. What would be needed for mill?
  • Sell it!
  • Ranger led or local knowledge, bug hunts, bird spotting, tree identification, mushroom hunt
  • Circular path in the wood so no need to have path back to village along the road.
  • Fantastic Community Asset for the long term. Well done!!
  • Formation of footpath from bridge to village + upgrade for cycle use.
  • Outdoor classroom (use by school/youth group (rainbows) Organised activities.
  • Path back to village/ suitable for bikes/walking
  • School to be involved
  • Sell the wood and get money back#
  • Like the idea of a forest school, bat boxes, owl boxes, bird spotting, history walks.
  • Tree house huts.
  • Convert the eastern part of wood to residential and sell that to recoop what we spent to buy it.
  • Bird boxes, bird/wildlife hide with feeders? Bat boxes, owl boxes
  • Birch tree tapping really good idea for kids to learn.
  • Removal of plastic!
  • Guidance re bluebells. We wouldn’t to see them all trampled.
  • Multiple paths. 1 on the current route 2 up to the right of the first bridge 3 could there be one back along the river Tarrainallow.
  • Open areas could be created within the Jenna Morrow Wood with scope to create a small pond and wetland area.
  • Buying the Jenna Morrow Woods is a waste of money and the money spent on other projects in the village.
  • Why purchase the Jenna Morrow! It’s a public right of way. Money spent purchasing the wood would be better used in the village.
  • Disappointed the winter fuel allowance was approved. Felt like this was conceived and pushed through by a group of people without fair consultation and facts. Would rather the funds were spent on community projects that will have long lasting benefits rather than short term financial gain to individuals – for example: the has the has the potential to become a hub for the community, providing social, learning and health benefits for all ages. Same would apply to Jenna Morrow woodland.
  • Have not filled in section reg woodland as I feel the purchase of the Jenna Morrow Wood is a waste of the village money.
  • A local attraction named after a prostitute!!! Please call wood Crosherie Plantation – it’s proper name.

Walks & Paths – Jenna Morrow Wood – Village HallWinter Fuel / Energy EfficiencyPlay ParkYouth Facilities