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The play park has been discussed as a project for a number of years, it is owned by Dumfries & Galloway Council but conversations with the Council has assured the Trust that they are happy for KCDT to purchase new equipment etc. Planning consent would be required and the scheme
approved by the Council before any work could start.

There were comments at the Drop-in meeting and through the main questionnaire survey that suggested that there is a wish for a park not just for children but for everyone. This was also reflected in the specific play park part of the main questionnaire where half of the top six themes
were not play related.

It is obvious that there needs to be a properly thought out play park but consideration should be taken in regards to the landscape aspect of the park such as creating picnic areas potentially with bbq pits, benches, having an all-weather shelter and also having plants and trees around.

There is also a suggestion to have some adult exercise equipment in the park.

It is also important to be aware that any shrubs/plants would need to be maintained to ensure they are kept in good condition and under control. If the planters are discontinued it would be possible to use those funds for play park maintenance instead.

Is it suggested than a multi-use approach is taken in regards to the play park as it has been suggested by the people of the village furthermore, in taking a multi-purpose approach to the play park the Trust are supporting the two top hopes that people wanted in regards to spending wind farm funding (making the village more attractive & bringing the community together.)

As there is much interest in the play park is it important to have another meeting or focus group to explore further before starting any work. It is suggested to look at the possibility of either hiring a landscape architect or looking at trying to provide various suggestions for people to vote on, all the suggestions would try and incorporate as many of the top wishes for the play park as possible but in various ways and with different solutions. It is important that a group or a specific committee of interested people is established to take on responsibility of the play park.

There have been suggestions to install a Multi Use Games Area in the play park. There are also other proposals as to where to put it. A decision on where to place the MUGA will have to be taken before any work on the play park can commence.

Comments from Surveys

  • Fit trail around the park by making an information/education centre – this could include a café/soft play area
  • A small toddler play area within the park
  • Up to date swings
  • Improve and upgrade play equipment
  • Sandpit for toddlers and cover
  • Playpark: Should have hanging items like ropes to hang on and swing and horizontal ladders for hanging / moving along.
  • Something to make better than surrounding parks so it brings others to village. Also toilet facilities. Inclusion for everyone.
  • Planting for wildlife & people. Fruit trees, bushes, flowers. Environmentally friendly, low input.
  • Tennis court, skateboard course
  • MUGA, small kids play area
  • Basket swing
  • Bike track and more swings.
  • Better football posts and nets.
  • Flying fox
  • Spider climbing frame
  • Big rig for adults
  • More seating with tables for picnics (recycled benches?)
  • Muga
  • All weather surface circuit round whole park, walks & bike racing. Cycle track.
  • Fitness equipment trail for adults and children, Inspire them & motivate us.
  • Monkey bars, tube slide, zip line, trampoline attached to the floor.
  • Fenced play area for toddlers as Agnew Park in Stranraer.
  • Park for all
  • Kids only!
  • Outdoor gym
  • The proposed play park would be great if it replicates the models used at New Luce and Barrhill, whereby people travel to use it.

Walks & PathsJenna Morrow WoodVillage HallWinter Fuel / Energy Efficiency – Play Park – Youth Facilities