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There used to be a youth group in Kirkcowan but it was discontinued in 2019 due to a lack of volunteer leaders. There is currently an ongoing process to renew the youth club.

It has been suggested by people in the community to look into using the old football shack at Balgreen as a potential youth facility.

There has been ongoing campaigning for installing a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) in Kirkcowan which has been proposed by young people themselves.

The idea of a MUGA has been fairly well supported. However, as 18% of the people who filled in the main survey questionnaire form are strongly against a MUGA and as there have been a lot of comments regarding people being both positive but mostly negative about the MUGA being placed
in the park, it is felt that careful consideration should be taken into account in regards to the siting of the MUGA.

A lot of elderly people are also not aware as to what a MUGA is so this needs to be addressed as well. There have been three different locations put forward for a potential MUGA within Kirkcowan.

Play ParkBehind Primary SchoolBalgreen Park
In the middle of
the village so
easier to supervise
ParkingSite currently
under used
Accessible to
more people
Close to schoolHas club house
with running
water + toilets
Some parkingLess noise issues
for people
Already has space
for storing
Close to school
Play ParkBehind Primary SchoolBalgreen Park
Noise for more
Less accessible
than play park
Too far away for
younger children
Impedes on
landscape view
from church
More chance of
Local objection to
this idea given
community survey
Not as accessible
in regards to
Takes away from
other plans for
play park
Furthest location
away from the

It is suggested that, if the project of installing a MUGA should go ahead then another information and consultation meeting could be beneficial. It is also vitally important that a group is set up which is willing to take responsibility for the management and maintenance of the MUGA. This group should also be involved in all stages of the planning and installation of a MUGA.

As there are already MUGAs in Newton Stewart, Wigtown and Port William it is suggested to seek information and guidance from the project owners which would not only provide more knowledge but could potentially create contacts for potential sports tournaments between villages/towns in the

Comments from Surveys

  • Upgrade tarff football pavilion to a youth club, gym and café
  • Get youth club set up again
  • Balgreen park facility. Develop for Youth & sport. Building to be renovated for use as youth club. Developing a facility for youth should be a high priority. I think more important than hall.
  • Outdoor classroom (use by school/youth group (rainbows) Organised activities.
  • If we are having a MUGA we would prefer if it was located next to the school, ideally it should be a double size one such as the one at Port William and if there is sufficient interest, the project should include a small building next to it, to be used as a Youth Club and store for sports and maintenance equipment for the MUGA as at Port William.
  • MUGA for use by school and local community
  • Put in MUGA
  • If people don’t want the MUGA in front of the church, could it not be put in the middle of the park, leaving enough room for the school sports to be above at the top end of the park. To have it anywhere out of site (sic) is just asking for problems .
  • MUGA in the park would be great for young and older people alike
  • We don’t feel the park is the right place for the MUGA, it would be an eyesore whichever way you approach the village. Also most of the residents in Church Street, top of Main street, Hamilton Crescent & Newton Stewart road are of the older generation and wouldn’t want the noise of bouncing balls or bright lights shining into their homes. As far as we are aware other villages who have MUGA’s aren’t situation in such a prominent residential part of the town or village.
  • Strongly disagree with muga being built in park in front of church don’t mind anywhere else or at complete opposite end of park.
  • Not against the Muga in general, however, strongly against it being located in the park.
  • Also definitely not a MUGA in the park – up beside the school would be fine.
  • I have heard on bush telegraph that MUGA area in village pipeline. This hard surface play area should be a serious consideration if there is manpower to manage same unfortunately I am definitely past it.
  • As a resident in church street I am strongly against a MUGA in the park. They are ugly to look at every entrance to the village would see it. It will be noisy and a trap for litter. A dreadful eyesore for everyone entering the village and all residents at Newton Stewart Road and Church Street and Hamilton Crescent. It would be better sited as Balgreen or behind the school where I understand Craiglaw estate owns and Andrew Gladstone would give the field to the village. This would be mostly out of sight and only heard by a few residents. It would also be ideal for the school.
  • There is no need for a MUGA in this village as few will use it anyway and many are either too young to use it or will (not) be around for many years as they move onto the next stage in life.

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