Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

CAP – Feb 2016 meeting; funding suggestions

  1. Floral displays, hanging baskets around the village
  2. Sculpture at road end to cemetery
  3. Community bus
  4. Network of paths for disabled access, ramblers, cyclists and horse riders
  5. Traffic calming measures – install interactive signs
  6. More benches in park along with bins
  7. A path around the outside of the park with fitness stations
  8. Community Mini bus for groups and activities
  9. Speed flashing signs at the 3 entrances to village
  10. Construct walking paths around the village using the old railway line
  11. Purchase land in and around the village to build affordable housing for local people
  12. Dog warden
  13. Picnic benches for the park – make it more family orientated
  14. More bins around the village
  15. A defibrillator
  16. But field near school for an outdoor grassed area for the schools use
  17. Improve walking options for dog walkers
  18. Walking loop
  19. Fit trail around the park by making an information/education centre – this could include a café/soft play area
  20. Seats for cemetery
  21. Establish pathways for walking, cycling, horse riding in and around the village
  22. Open up the disused railway line if possible for walks
  23. Repair existing paths to the Dickie woods
  24. Improve the park with more seating and tree planting
  25. More sustainable path around Dickie wood, especially for buggies and the elderly
  26. Upgrade tarff football pavilion to a youth club, gym and café
  27. Open railway line for a footpath between Kirkcowan and the A75
  28. Hanging baskets on the main street
  29. Improve village entrance displays
  30. Community woodland- Dickie woods – get children to design and organise with help) plant and maintain a community woodland- with focus on outdoor learning
  31. Community woodland designed and planted by school kids
  32. Bus service to Wigtown during the book festival
  33. Walks going around the village with different levels of abilities
  34. Traffic calming measures in the village
  35. Astro turf and improved facilities
  36. A small toddler play area within the park
  37. Up to date swings
  38. Improve the primary school technology
  39. MUGA
  40. Bike/scooter park
  41. Gala Day
  42. Skate boarding park
  43. Improve and upgrade play equipment
  44. Funding for rainbows
  45. A place for any age to be able to keep fit and socialise
  46. A Kirkcowan Angling club
  47. Outdoor sports facilities
  48. Village history project
  49. Kirkcowan angling association
  50. First Response Team
  51. Patient transport vehicle for elderly
  52. Community minibus
  53. Pay hall fees for all clubs that use the hall
  54. Refurbishment of village hall
  55. A nicely designed café area for all groups within the hall, somewhere to meet and chat
  56. Purchase Balgreen football pitch and install a chicken farm to create jobs
  57. Install 2 hydro water systems on the river Tarff, to allow fish to pass up and down safely and supply an ongoing income to the community
  58. Buy existing hall and extend to make a small café and village information centre.
  59. Buy field adjacent to Balgreen farm and use to set up a holiday village with chalets and caravans, being Accessible for people with learning difficulties
  60. Buy local houses to renovate and rent to local residents
  61. PA and lightning system for hall for performances/concerts
  62. Sort inside of village hall – underfloor heating, redecorate
  63. Buy village hall, employ a project manager to run the hall once renovated and refurbished
  64. Install another generator socket outside the village hall
  65. Buy the village hall and either do it up, or knock it down and redesign
  66. Church to be painted, with money set aside to do this every 2 to 3 years
  67. Clean up stonework on church and repaint
  68. A small leisure centre possibly within the present community building
  69. Build new hall with a small community café and toddlers soft play
  70. Repair roof on bowling club
  71. Every house in the village should have solar panels
  72. Improve the village hall, especially the kitchen – make a community café
  73. Paint church
  74. Improve hall – run a community lunch club from it
  75. Buy the public hall
  76. Upgrade the village hall
  77. MUGA for use by school and local community
  78. Speak to companies in village to see if we could fund an apprentice for trades in village
  79. Set up scholarships for children going to uni/college
  80. Kirkcowan handy man service
  81. Create role of village co-ordinator or similar – responsible for managing new services brought into the village by windfarm monies