Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

CAP – Pilot Survey – Challenges

Budget cuts

Retaining young people to the area

Not the same community spirit as before

Environmental challenges due to car dependency

Lack of infrastructure (main gas, phone signal)

Lack of affordable housing

Lack of employment

Ageing population

Ensuring all projects are inclusive for all

Ensuring that direct businesses in the village will continue to thrive

Improving the village hall

Maintaining listed properties in the village (visually)

Ensuring CC and KCDT use best practices to obtain maximum benefit

Ensuring that the whole village gets informed about what goes on with KCDT

Closed of community, not welcoming

Unwillingness in village to change

Divided community

No community action plan

GP shortage

Wind turbines ruining the landscape

Traffic issues

No pavement from bowling green

Lack of shops

Don’t cut down Jenna Morrow wood

Transport links/public transport

Don’t close post office

Graveyard not maintained properly

Conflicts due to wind turbines

Boorish community council

Lack of support for ageing population/isolation

Lack of safe walks

No retail opportunities in Kirkcowan

Lack of broadband

Old houses

Lack of public spaces

Keeping pub open

Kirkcowan not tourism friendly

Lack of enthusiasm

Split ideas

No plan for how to spend windfarm money for the next 25 years

To find out what community wants