Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

CAP – Pilot Survey – Other Ideas

  • How can we suggest workable ideas if we have no idea of overall budget?
  • Update your website with as much info about KCDT, activities, funds, projects, directors etc. URGENTLY
  • Awareness to all the community…… Newsletter?
  • Creation of a wee walks in and around Kirkcowan booklet, available in local community establishments.
  • Further improvements of footpaths and access to create new walks or resurface those not used any more.
  • Understand what & why there appears to be a lot of negativity and challenge within the village from individuals, and between and across groups. A meeting between everyone?
  • Anonymous submission of grievances so they can be aired and discussed openly? We are a village in a very privileged position sure we should can work towards making Kirkcowan truly fantastic…. TOGETHER!!
  • Notice that KCDT grants poster only details cost of one group (Art club). Info on all grants could be made available, at reasonable intervals.
  • Balgreen park facility. Develop for Youth & sport. Building to be renovated for use as youth club. Developing a facility for youth should be a high priority. I think more important than hall,
  • Dangerous bend at bottom of village should be sorted as the highest priority of all, the Church of Scotland is willing to allow this so hard core area on opposite side of road for resident’s car and the danger is solved. Council don’t need to contribute as we can fund the hard core the road not affected. Should be no 1 priority for the village because of road traffic danger
  • Safe walks & cycle paths
  • Make Kirkcowan Carbon neutral! The Jenna Morrow wood is a good start!
  • New flower boxes but not wooden ones. Should also have winter plants in them. They are an eyesore to the village.
  • Footpath along the river Tarff from football field to Mindork road via Barnearnie.
  • Footpath along river Bladnoch from Ring farm for Barhoise.