Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Kirkcowan Footpaths – Phase 1

The development of footpaths around Kirkcowan

Yellow Highlighter indicates footpaths being developed in Phase 1.
The red numbered routes are explained below.

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Phased work is getting underway to improve existing footpaths around the village and create some new ones, funded by Kirkcowan Community Development Trust as part of the Community Action Plan.

PHASE ONE should be completed by the spring this year and it will involve work on paths 2, 3 and 4 on the map, as detailed below:

No.2   Old Railway Line – this is an entirely new path. Walkers will be able to gain access to the old railway eastwards from Wellhouse Road without going into a field by fencing off a strip of land down the side of the railway cutting until it becomes an embankment. At this point the path will be along the top of the embankment as far as the bridge over the Barhoise Burn. Here there will be a choice of returning by the same route, or crossing a piece of rough grazing and pasture land known as Glenjorry to a new gate onto the B735 and back along the road to the village. There will also be a second gate opposite the Barhoise farm road end so that walkers can cross the road and walk down to the Barhoise Dam. 

No.3  Glebe – Johnston’s Bridge – Jenna Morra Wood – the plan here is to make the walk through Jenna Morra wood a circular route without having to walk on themain road. The first section, starting at the junction where the road goes down to the cemetery, as far as the Waulkmill road end, will be fenced off and also crushed stone laid to form a hard surface. Thereafter gates will be installed to allow walkers to follow the road down to Johnston’s Bridge, but within the field, which is ungrazed for much of the year, or grazed by sheep. The field will not be used for grazing bulls or cows with calves.
The alternative is to walk along the road as at present.

No.4  Oldland – Barnearnie – Balgreen – Leaving the village to the west there is a pavement which used to lead to the old station but now just stops. The idea is to form a new path on the other side of the road which will start where the pavement ends, with a hard surface within the road verge, and lead past Oldland farm. At this point there will be a new gate into the field to allow walkers to walk along the edge of the field to the Mindork Junction, where there will be another new gate onto the road. Walkers can then follow the quieter C-road towards Mindork. Again, this field is ungrazed for much of the year or is grazed by sheep rather than cattle.
Those not wishing to enter the field can walk along the road as at present, if they prefer.


No definite timescale yet, but could be carried out later this year or next year, funding and approval by KCDT permitting:

No.3  Glebe – Johnston’s Bridge – Jenna Morra Wood –Improve the path through Jenna Morra Wood

No.4  Oldland – Barnearnie – Balgreen – In phase one it is only proposed to take path No. 4  as far as the Mindork Junction, but in future a new path could be created to link up the Barnearnie farm road the the track past Thomas’s Dam to make a circular route, this would involve the construction of a bridge across the Ballochrae Burn.

No.5  Barhoise to the Stepping Stones and Johnston’s Bridge – This would be a path along the riverbank which would link up paths 2 and 3 to make a longer circular walk. It would be through fields which are grazed for some of the year, so care would be required, although the fields are not used for bulls or cows with calves. This would also require the construction of a new bridge across the Barhoise Burn.