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Local COVID Update – Charles McEwan

UPDATE:  Hi everyone, just thought I’d update you about progress in these difficult times.

David and Debbie will be preparing soup and sandwiches for the housebound. The Trust will be reimbursing them at 2.50 per.

Considering that they have had to close down the hotel and pub and have no income, I think that doing this free of charge and charging only cost price is highly commendable but they want to make sure that they are not profiteering at this time.  

They will make up some pots of frozen soup and sandwiches to last for a week and these will be delivered to the housebound.

We have the names of  four housebound people at the moment and Mary Murdoch is going to get the names of others in the Hamilton Crescent area. If there are others you know, please give the names to Joe Wright (07747 186 163).

When this is over, book a meal at the Craighlaw Hotel- I can personally vouch for the quality of the meals produced by Chef David.

Special mention also for Mary Murdoch. She is baking everyday and delivering to those in the Hamilton Crescent area. She is also going above and beyond the call of duty by taking the bus to Newton Stewart three times a week and doing the shopping for four housebound people. I offered to give her a lift but she refused saying that she is not allowed to be in a car with someone from a different household. Well done Mary.

Joe is also going to link up the housebound with phone partners who are also housebound. That way they can be a point of contact for each other and it doesn’t involve another person having to be at the phone at a particular time. They will be able to have a conversation with another living person at any time and of course they can contact us by phone if they have a particular problem that needs addressing.

Let me know about other instances of people being good neighbours and we can post it here on the web-site so people know what is going on. We are working together in a difficult time and I think people generally are taking the lockdown seriously and isolating very effectively.

Best wishes and stay safe.

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    Just for info – within minutes of Charles posting this – he received an email from a member of the Community Council objecting to this post – It has now been proposed that anything he may wish to post in future should be vetted and approved by the Community Council prior to being made public.

    By Order of the Committee for Public Safety