Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Meal & Corn Mills


On the River Bladnoch, one mile northeast of the village, this mill may have at an early period had connection with the Glaisnick estate which pertained to the Gordons of Craichlaw. Ian Donnachie describes it as a two storey and attic mill of granite, whinstone and slate.

It had been driven by a wheel at the side of which the wooden axle—tree remained. A date stone on the door lintel, “A.M. 1827′ ( would indicate a construction by one of the Milroy family.

An extensive weir and long lade off the river drove the mill.

The Ordnance Survey map of 1850 marks an old mill lade at NX 252627, at the side of the Tarff.

At NX 317634 and NX 322640, these ancient sites of “ferm touns” would have had at one time their own mills.

Shown on the O.S. maps of 1850 and a later period, this mill is in ruins and little is known of its operation or when it closed. In Pigotts Commercial Directory of 1837 there is mention of Alexander Hannay, Miller of Spittal.


The O.S. map of 1850 shows that High Clugston Farm had a threshing mill.