Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Meals on Wheels – Deliveries

The Riverside Centre Meals on Wheels Delivery service

Monday 23/2/20              Chicken in cheese and bacon sauce, potatoes and vegetables
                                          Orange sponge & custard

Tuesday 24/3/20              Roast Ham, potatoes and vegetables
                                           Rice pudding

Wednesday 25/3/20       Lancashire Hotpot
                                         Homemade Eclairs

Thursday 26 /3/20            Steak pie, potatoes and vegetables
                                            Pineapple Crumble & Custard

Friday 27/3/20                   Roast Pork, potatoes and vegetables

We are also offering soup and sandwiches on a daily basis.
The soup will be varied each day

Sandwich fillings are:

Cheese – Cheese & Onion – Egg Mayonnaise – Tuna – Corned Beef – Ham

Our Meals on wheels service is available to all vulnerable over 60 year olds

If this is something you would like to start, please give us a phone on 01671 402 010 and we can arrange for you to have one delivered.