Kirkcowan – What's Going On?


There was a copper mine where copper ore, as Malachite or Choleopyrites was worked.

This was situated near the Waulkmill (NX 332602), but its exact location, when it was worked, and by whom it was operated are not known.

The following statement appeared in the “Free Press” on the 7th April, 1870: “We had the pleasure recently of inspecting a specimen of lead ore from the new mine in the upper part of this parish (Kirkcowan)

It is found about sixty feet from the surface and the lode is said to be four or five feet thick. The specimen appears to be very rich and evidently contains a large quantity of silver.

It compares favourably with a specimen of the Wanlockhead ore, and should it be got as plentifully as the captain of the mine hopes for will be found to be a first rate paying spec. A Company is about to be formed for working the mine.

As no further reference is made to the Company or the mine in the newspaper files, it must be assumed that the venture was unsuccessful.