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Minutes of KCC meeting 16th May 2022

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting – 16th May 2022 (including AGM) at 7.30pm, in the Village Hall

Draft Minutes of Ordinary Meeting

Present: Hazel Johnston (Chair), M Harkness (Secretary), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean, Tricia Veevers, Mary Mackenzie (Minutes), John Drysdale, Richard Marsh, Robert Drysdale, David Edwards, M Murdoch, C McEwan, DG Councillor Katie Hagmann, PC Osborne, PC Jamieson

  1. Chairperson H Johnson welcomed everyone.
  2. Police Matters: As 2 police officers were present, they were invited to give their report first, to let them to return to duty. – Police report
    Kirkcowan area: 3 occasions involving concern for vulnerable person – non-criminal; 1 possible domestic incident; A75 – 1 vehicle offence; & a collision involving 1 vehicle, no injuries.
    General: A 4-week campaign with Trading Standards focusing on various scams and how to safeguard against them.
    K Dean requested police assistance with speeding vehicles in the village. Officers will pass this on to the Road Policing Unit.
  3. Apologies for absence: None

    (The AGM was then held – the Minutes of which will be presented for approval at next AGM. All office bearers and KCC representatives remain in place.)

  4. Minutes of April meeting (18/4/2022):
    Matters arising: K Dean – Queen’s birthday is on 21st not 20th April.
    Minutes accepted: proposed by J Drysdale, and seconded by H McWhirter
  5. Treasurers Report:  H McWhirter Account no.1 has £46.30  |  Account no.2  has £69,927.28 (mostly earmarked for path works)
    Outgoings: £1,865.72
    Income : £3,563.24 from KCDT grants for hall fees, Jubilee event and purchase of marquee.
    Remaining balance available:  £2,919.76
  6. Correspondence:   M Harkness
      a) From New Luce Community Council asking if Kirkcowan would be interested in reviving the Turbine Trophy competition? KCC unsure of support for this event now, but ‘yes’ provisionally.
      b)  From Water Board advising KCC, as deed holders, that Balgreen Park may now be subject to a standing charge even though it is unused and the supply was disconnected when W Baird was Secretary. This has arisen since DG Council assessed the grounds for liability for rates and granted £100% exemption – now the grounds are shown as Vacant property and these are not exempt from water rates.  Councillor K Hagmann suggested involving Third Sector D&G to try to resolve the issue, and MH will continue to correspond with Water Board. A wider discussion should be had on the future of Balgreen Park.
  7. Local Planning Applications: None locally
  8. Christmas Street Lights:
    H Johnston apologised for not having collated responses from members about preferred designs, due to time pressures. M Harkness stated that other factors need to be considered and a process followed, involving assessing remedial works to the relevant lampposts, and arranging a contract for electricity supply with Scottish Power. Whether to have just a 6-week supply for the lights or year-round. Other villages have different arrangements for paying – some are paid by local businesses, some by Community Councils, in addition to private individuals providing lighting displays. KCC would be responsible for electricity bill.
    K Hagmann mentioned that DGC offers a small discretionary grant for Christmas lights, proportionate to population size of each settlement.


Park: Cradle swing has been removed because of rotten wooden supports.

Noticeboards: Still awaiting permissions from DGC to erect these at the Hall & in the Park.

Minutes Secretary: M Mackenzie resigning, so need to find replacement. Advertise for appropriate volunteer or associate member. KCC can pay someone if necessary.
AG – Thanks to MM for taking the Minutes for the past 18 months.

Street Lights: Meadowpark ones have been fixed. Others in the Park are still malfunctioning.

KCD Trust meeting on 19/4/2022: H Johnston
Nicky Chadwick, the new KCDT Support Assistant was introduced. | Grant applications: Jubilee Party in the Park approved; School Fete application was too late for last month’s meeting | Discussion about Park – DGC is involved in the project as owners. Aiming to start work in the summer holidays. Steering Group has done it’s job, so no longer meeting. Next Trust meeting in Wigtown, 17th May.

CREPL grant for corner garden: H Johnston
Waiting for quotations for the installation of new paving & benches for the corner garden. The area needs attention as there are a lot of weeds, so aiming for a low-maintenance garden. Public should be made aware of plans.

Jubilee event in the Park: K Dean
Generator & sound system need to be better placed than at School Fete as the sound quality was not good – microphone too far from base. Next Jubilee group meeting on 24th May.

Park & Rest Garden: J Drysdale
When will plans be made available for the community? HJ – when the Trust has the plans ready for public viewing.

War Memorial: the lower plaque has slipped and needs to be re-fixed.

KCC Asset Register needs to be updated with an inventory of contents of container. When this has been done, insurance can be taken out for the correct value of all items belonging to KCC.

The next meeting of KCC will be on Monday 20th June 2022 at 7.30pm

The Meeting closed at 8.55pm

KCDT Grant Applications: None

Mary Mackenzie (Minutes Secretary)