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Minutes of KCC meeting 17th April 2023

Minutes of Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting
17th April 2023, Kirkcowan Village Hall

1. Council Members present – Hazel Matthews (chair), Hazel McWhirter (treasurer), John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Mary Harkness (secretary), Mary Mackenzie, Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean.
Public present – Cllrs Richard Marsh and Katie Hagmann, Jim Rae, Jon Kent, Jamie Baillie, David Edwards, Philip Colville, Kath Googe (minute secretary).
Apologies for Absence – Patricia Veevers.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting – Cllrs Katie Hagmann and Richard Marsh requested a copy of the draft minutes be sent to them in future for information. Action – MM.
Minutes approved – proposed by Robert Drysdale, seconded by John Drysdale.
Matters Arising –
– The heating in the main hall has been repaired temporarily.
– Council decided that Kirkmabreck CC may not borrow the marquee for Coronation weekend.
– A new battery for the generator has been obtained.

3. Police Report – Report received – nothing of concern in Kirkcowan CC area.

4. Notified Public Concerns – A resident of Newton Stewart Road has asked if an electric vehicle charging point will be installed in the village, preferably by the village hall. Mary Harkness is writing to the Dumfries and Galloway Council and is awaiting a response.

5. Treasurers Report –
No 1 account £46.30 | No 2 account £19,647.14
James Smith Fencing £2,004.00
Kirkcowan Hall – fees £75.00
H McWhirter – village plants £90.50
Total £2,169.50
Income: nil

6. Reports and Updates –

KCDT Report –
– Last meeting held 13th April.
– Playpark – 3B have come back with up-to-date costings of the equipment originally specified. They are meeting with KCDT on 1st May to go through the detail and look at the cost.
– The KCDT website is almost ready to go live. All groups are encouraged to keep sending news of their groups to keep the website up to date and informative.
– Andrew Gladstone updated the KCDT on the footpath developments and works carried out by volunteers at Jenna Morra Wood.
– KCDT attending the Information Day event to be held in the village hall on 13th May for people to come and bring their ideas to the Trust.
– The Trust plan to have a public meeting on 30th May in the hall with the Park plans on display and items selected by the steering group.

Litter Pick – Now arranged for 23rd April. Meet at 2pm at Church. Equipment is ordered. Main roads out of the village to be cleared. Posters are up on noticeboards.

Fun in the Park – Now arranged for 17th June. Plans for it are ongoing. Hazel Matthews coordinating.

Elected Members Report
Cllr Richard Marsh
– Drain at 46 Main Street been cleared.
– Up-to-date bus timetables at bus stops – he has had communication that due to a software problem the new timetables cannot be printed for several months. They are obtainable on the D&G website also on Stagecoach app.
– The bridge at Balloch o’ Dee has deep potholes which are covered with water when it rains. The new bridge built for the windfarm traffic has been padlocked, so everyone has to use the old bridge. The Airies windfarm own the new bridge. Richard will lobby the roads department to repair these potholes. General discussion followed on whether the council workers are filling potholes correctly.
Cllr Katie Hagmann
– D&G council will be implementing a review and new strategy for all its burial grounds.
– Social Services Directorate now has overall corporate responsibility for children.
– Council Tax – the council are to discuss options for raising council tax on second homes and holiday homes.

7. Correspondence – 13th May event in the hall. Local groups are being invited to have a table to publicise their activities. Time still to be arranged.

8. KCBC vacancy – Mary Harkness is awaiting a response from Foundation Scotland.

9. CREPL Grant – JF Smith Fencing have now fitted benches on the railway path and teapot lane at the original price quoted.

10. AOCB –
Footpaths ● A G Black need to complete all work at Old Land before their invoice is paid ● Awaiting prices for strimming the railway path and the Glebe field path ● Awaiting prices for proposed works to form the path between Thomas’s dam and Barnearnie including groundworks, fencing and footbridge ● Jim Rae concerned that straining post on the corner of the path toward the railway needs reinforcing ● Some discussion about the proposed car park at Johnstone’s Bridge for Jenna Morra wood. Need for another footbridge highlighted.

Union Flag Kevin Dean informed that the Union Jack will be flying 2nd May for Princess Charlotte’s birthday and throughout the week of the Coronation of King Charles on 6th May.

Circulation of Minutes & Agendas 2 committee members did not receive them this month. Action – MM to check that email lists are up to date.

Meeting closed at 21.30.

KCDT Grant Applications:
Kirkcowan Village Hall – £1,560 – cleaning of public toilets
Friends of Kirkcowan School – £1,003 – Summer Fayre costs
Kirkcowan Primary School – £8,609 – school trip to Edinburgh/Glasgow
Kirkcowan Community Council – on behalf of Knitting Group – hall fees £174

Next Meeting 15th May 7.30pm. AGM with Ordinary Meeting following.